Welcome Home! – Family Returns from Burundi!

Collage1The only news that can put a bigger smile on our faces than that of a child being matched is the news that a child has come home to live with their new Forever Family. With that said, we are DELIGHTED to announce that a family in our Burundi adoption program has just returned home with this beautiful girl! We are so incredibly happy for her and her new family as they begin to settle into their new lives together. Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN!

If you are interested in learning how you can get started with your adoption journey, contact one of our CAN Matching Specialists or visit our CAN Waiting Child Photo Listing today!

Not sure which program might be the best fit for your family? Speak with one of our adoption specialists today to discuss your options, or request a Children of All Nations Information Guide to see an overview of each of our adoption programs.

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Alvin Needs a Forever Family!

Meet Alvin!

Every child deserves a home and a family to call their own, and today sweet little Alvin is heavy on our hearts. This happy two year old was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, but he doesn’t let that get him down! He’s able to crawl, walk with a baby walker, and he loves physical activities. His caretakers say that he’s constantly smiling, babbling, and playing with his toys! He can respond to his name, and he’s currently working on drinking from cups and using silverware.  All of the doctors that have met with Alvin in Bulgaria have given him a very optimistic prognosis, and the social workers in country believe that once he is with his forever family he will continue to thrive and develop.

Could you be Alvin’s forever family? Contact us at CAN today to learn more about him, or visit our CAN Waiting Child Photo Listing to see his photo!

What is the Bulgaria Waiting Child program?

Our Bulgaria adoption program has both a “Regular Track” and a “Waiting Child Track.” While families who choose to adopt through the regular track wait to receive a referral for a medically healthy child, families who are interested in adopting a Waiting Child can submit their documents be matched with a specific kiddo from our Waiting Child listing at any point in the process. Each month, the CAN’s Matching Specialists receive files for new Waiting Children. These kiddos are often considered more difficult to place based on their age, the fact that they have some degree of “special need,” or the fact that they’re part of a sibling group. Since documents for these children can be submitted right away, the adoption process for the Waiting Child Track is typically much quicker.

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Support Haiti – Order a T-Shirt Today!

“For Hope. For Strength. For Haiti.”

BLUEWith less than one month remaining in our Haiti Holidays donation drive, we’re happy to announce that there’s a new way to give back. In order to help us spread the word and bring joy to the orphans of Haiti, a local sorority at Texas State University has taken it upon themselves to design a T-Shirt to contribute to our fundraising efforts. For each t-shirt that is purchased, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to our Haiti Holidays donation drive. Our staff will bring all of the donations that we receive to Haiti this February to help support the orphanages that CAN is currently partnered with!

How can I purchase a Haiti Holidays T-Shirt?

Each T-shirt costs $13.50, and can be purchased using the link below through February 5, 2016. They are available in three different colors: blue, pink, and light grey.

If your family is looking for another way to help, please keep in mind that we are also collecting items that each of the orphanages that we’re partnered with have specifically requested. For a full list of items that they are in need of, visit our Haiti Holidays page at the link below:

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Family Returns from the Philippines!

PhilippinesWe would like to welcome home one of the families in our Philippines adoption program that has just returned home with the newest member of their Family! We are absolutely delighted for this child and their new Forever Family as they settle into their new life together! Congratulations from all of us at Children of All Nations!

Are you interested in adopting from the Philippines?

Children of All Nations is currently recruiting families for our 2016 Philippines “Regular Track” program. This program provides families with the opportunity to adopt a child as young as two and a half to five years old, with no medical needs. Each year Children of All Nations is allotted a limited number of openings for this program, if your family is interested in learning how you can claim your spot, contact our adoption consultants today!

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Family Returns from Latvia!

latvia1-300x241We would like to welcome home one of the families in our Latvian adoption program that traveled right before the New Year to bring their kiddo home! We are so happy for this child and their new Forever Family as they begin the next leg of their journey together. Congratulations from all of us at Children of All Nations!

Our Latvian adoption program has both a Waiting Child and a Regular adoption track. Children in the “Regular” track program are typically age 9 and older and are considered medically healthy, while Children in the Waiting Child program can be a part of a sibling set or have some degree of special need. While every country has its own set of eligibility requirements for international adoption, the requirements for Latvia adoption are relatively open compared to others, allowing both single women and men to apply.

If you are interested in learning more about our Latvian adoption or hosting programs, contact our adoption consultants today!

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5 Reasons to Adopt From Bulgaria

Bulgaria 1If you are looking to grow your family through international adoption, our Bulgaria adoption program could be a great fit! As this program continues to grow, we are seeing more and more children’s files coming in each month giving us the opportunity to help place children with loving Forever Families. Below are five reasons your family may want to consider beginning your Bulgaria adoption journey!

For more information, contact our CAN matching specialists today!

1. Traditional and Waiting Child Programs Bulgaria has both a Traditional Adoption program, and a Waiting Child track! Families that are waiting for a referral in the traditional adoption program are able to look at the Waiting Children that our agency is advocating for, giving them the option of switching to the Waiting Child program if that is where they find their child.

2. Get Matched Quickly In our Waiting Child program, you get to play a role in the matching process, meaning you can submit your request to be matched as soon as you find your child!

3. SiblingsYour family can be matched with a sibling group of 2 or more! While this is more common in the Waiting Child program, it is a possibility in the traditional program as well depending on the age range that you’re open to. Recently we’ve seen several sets of older twins in our Waiting Child program!

4. Healthy Older Children
Our Waiting Child program has children of all ages with varying degrees of needs. However, occasionally the only reason that a child is considered a “Waiting Child” is because they are older.

5. Younger Children
While younger healthy children are available through the traditional program, there are younger Waiting Children with special needs ranging anywhere from very minor to more moderate or severe. For families that are comfortable with needs, this is a great alternative which offers a shorter wait time.

If your family is interested in learning more about either our Bulgaria Traditional Adoption program or our Waiting Child program, please contact our CAN Matching Specialist, visit our Photo Listing, or join our Facebook group today!


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