What people say about GWCA and CAN…

My family started the adoption journey in 2016 when we first met the team at GWCA through their China Hosting program. Since then, we’ve had a strong connection to this agency and we embarked on our Haitian adoption journey in 2017. As we are nearing the end of the waiting journey and we will be bringing our beautiful daughter home in the next few months, I wanted to share my appreciation for Children of All Nations/ Great Wall China Adoption. Every person (past & present) I’ve worked with has been incredibly supportive, helpful and informative. I’ve leaned on them for emotional support as well as process support. I am very grateful. I also want to highlight the in-country representative for Haiti, Nisthone Degazon who is by far one of the most incredible humans I’ve met. His dedication to the children’s well-being is always his first priority. He took great care of us while my family was visiting Haiti and I know he always had our best interest as a priority, second only to the children. Thank you Snow and your incredible team (past & present) at CAN/GWCA.
I have heard GREAT things about CAN and have been very impressed with what I have experienced so far.
I really appreciate the emails that you send out advocating for children in need of families. I am an orphan advocate and pass emails on to people that would be interested.

What people say about our Adoption Staff…


Mallory was awesome! Very helpful and patient with all my questions! 🙂
Mallory is a gem!! She has been absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. She answered any and every questions as thoroughly as she could. She always accepted my phone calls. I felt 100% comfortable working with her. I am so happy she helped us through this process, I could not have done it without her 🙂 Thank you!!
Mallory Treta worked to find our special one. We are so gratefull to find a little girl exactly how we expected. She will always be in our prayers for help us to complete our family.


Alexandra was welcoming and extremely professional and kind! I felt very comfortable talking to her and her attitude and compassion helped me to choose this agency.
Alexandra has been very helpful and quick to answer our questions.
Professional knowledge, friendly, quick response.
Alexandra is very prompt in her responses and has a can do attitude. I felt like she listened to my concerns and answered all my questions with much care for me and the children on your waiting list.


Katie returns my call quickly, and was friendly and informative. She also emailed me the information I needed very quickly.
Katie has been super helpful. She has explained everything so we would understand the process. It is very overwhelming and Katie has been very patient with us.
Everything was great. Katie was always very professional and helpful.
Katie was very knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive.
Katie has been very helpful and very knowledgeable and understanding to all the questions that I have asked
Katie Bauersfield has been prompt in her communication with us and helpful.
Katie has been extremely helpful with answering our questions. Thank you!
Katie was great help – spent time talking to me on the phone and answering my questions and concerns.


Hilary has been great at answering our questions and providing information.
Hilary has been an amazing support! She has answered all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable starting this new journey.
Hilary was fantastic and is actually the reason we decided to use this agency over the other options we had.


Molly (Dossier Specialist) was always helpful and sweet in all dealings I had with her. She answered my questions promptly, and if she wasn’t sure of the answer, she found out and got back to me quickly. She was also encouraging and patient. I have nothing but good things to say about her and my experiences so far.
Molly was very helpful during what was an incredibly overwhelming process. Although all the written instructions are very helpful, there is SO much to know and understand and we needed a lot of clarification on parts of the process. To first time families the instructions are like reading a foreign language. I don’t know about other families but there was such a fear of doing something incorrectly and having it sent back and then losing time over it. Needing to make sure we were crossing all “t’s” and dotting all “i’s” meant a lot of phone calls and emails to Molly and she was always patient with us and willing to explain (even if it wasn’t the first time). I was more than a little obsessed with timelines and while I know I drove Molly crazy with a lot of calls she was never impatient and seemed to genuinely understand all the emotion involved in this process. We appreciated all she did for us very much.


Diedra was SPECTACULAR! We struggled with our home study agency as far as quality of work and well, just reaching them, so the paper chase process was frustrating for us. Diedra was there for us and when we couldn’t reach our social worker, I could always reach Diedra. In fact, Diedra’s advice and information were actually more accurate than the information we received from our local home study agency. Diedra made this portion of the journey much more enjoyable and EASY for us! Thank you so much Great Wall…thank you for Diedra! She is truly an asset to your organization and an angel to the families she works with! 🙂
Diedra did a great job of helping us get matched with our little girl! After reviewing multiple files, she encouraged us to hang in there until the right child for our family came along! We have felt that she really cares about these waiting children and finding their family! After working with Diedra for almost 2 years, I have really learned to appreciate her and how knowledgeable she is about the adoption process!


Travel was a great experience for us! Our paperwork was caught in a delay that caused us to wait 4 weeks (if I recall correctly) for TA. During that time we because frustrated as we watched other families obtain theirs in 3-4 days. Kayley was fantastic and took lots of time to explain everything to me over the phone. When we ended the call, I felt much more comfortable. Kayley even went above and beyond to email us each waiting day after our call to tell us one way or another if we had TA. This was great because our TA for our kiddos came on separate days.
Travel itself was planned very well! We enjoyed the tours, and the days were planned well to allow good amounts of free time throughout our trip. We also appreciated Heidi’s preparation call.
We look forward to working with Great Wall again someday for another adoption!


Our Case Manager was Melinda. I cannot begin to describe how grateful we are to have had the opportunity to work with her. She has been so caring, professional, timely, knowledgeable and humble. Melinda has always been ready to assist and to find and provide prompt answers to questions. She has called with the most beautiful news or with the need for clarifications or documents as soon as she could reach a phone rather than typing an email, bringing a level of compassion to the experience that was touching, rewarding and made the experience yet more magical rather than stressful. Melinda has become a friend we do not want to lose because our professional relationship is ending. Melinda was so patient with explaining items needed and how to get them. Melinda was always ready to find time during any of her busiest days to be present to our needs and concerns. The reason why we were able to complete our dossier as fast as we could is due in great part to her efficiency. Melinda understands the value of her work and what it means to the families she works with. She understands that her timelines and accuracy mean bringing a family together faster and her sincere and competent partnership is paramount and priceless to each family she will work with. CAN is so well represented by her and she is the most amazing ambassador of the values that CAN embodies. Thank you Melinda deeply for your beauty and your hard work.
Melinda was a joy to work with! Her emails were always encouraging and my questions answered. I only wish I lived closer so that I could stop in and give her a hug.
Thank you! Thank you!


Meredith was wonderful to work with. She was professional and kind. This is my second adoption from China, the first time with GWCA, and the adoption process is mixed with excitement and nervousness. I;m sure I’m not the only parent that loses their ability to remember even the simplest things during the process and Meredith answered every question, every time, no matter how often it had been re-asked, with patience and kindness. She is a great employee on your team. I have had a great experience with GWCA throughout my entire process. Ever employee that has spoken to me has been kind and helpful and encouraging. I love the organization that this agency has implemented. I was used to a smaller agency where one person did everything and that was great. I really didn’t know how I’d like constantly changing people from one step of the process to another. I understood it was a much larger agency and would need this difference in place and I will say GWCA has done a great job organizing that process.I would highly recommend GWCA to anyone. I look forward to the process of bringing my beautiful second daughter home now.
Thank you everyone for making a seemingly impossible dream come true!!
Meredith was absolutely fabulous! She seemed as excited as I was about the whole process of getting matched with our child. I’m sure she had other clients but she made us feel like we were her #1 priority. I’m sure the others felt the same. She answered each question I had and always provided more info. While being encouraging and optimistic, she also let me know of the possible hurdles we could face working with a foreign country as to not paint a picture that wasn’t realistic. She was helpful & knowledgeable even in answering questions that weren’t necessarily her area or job description. And if I asked anything that wasn’t her area, she quickly found out and got right back to me. Meredith and I talked every day and if she didn’t live in Texas and I in Indiana, I’m sure we would have been hugging and high-fiving during the steps like “locking” and “pre-approval” etc. I couldn’t recommend Meredith and my experience so far with GWCA any higher. They have helped match us with a little girl in China, our daughter, and are working hard to help us bring her home to her waiting family here in Indiana.


Heidi always got back to us with clear answers of my questions. We have been bugging her with so many questions in the past months and she never got upset. She maintains high professionalism and positive attitudes. She is a great person to be trust. We are very happy with the service she provided. Thank you l, thank you!
WE LOVE HEIDI!!! She has changed our life forever by championing our family and getting us matched quickly! She is incredible forthcoming with information and patient to explain and take me through everything! We are so thankful!!

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