Alvin Needs a Forever Family!

Meet Alvin!

Every child deserves a home and a family to call their own, and today sweet little Alvin is heavy on our hearts. This happy two year old was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, but he doesn’t let that get him down! He’s able to crawl, walk with a baby walker, and he loves physical activities. His caretakers say that he’s constantly smiling, babbling, and playing with his toys! He can respond to his name, and he’s currently working on drinking from cups and using silverware.  All of the doctors that have met with Alvin in Bulgaria have given him a very optimistic prognosis, and the social workers in country believe that once he is with his forever family he will continue to thrive and develop.

Could you be Alvin’s forever family? Contact us at CAN today to learn more about him, or visit our CAN Waiting Child Photo Listing to see his photo!

What is the Bulgaria Waiting Child program?

Our Bulgaria adoption program has both a “Regular Track” and a “Waiting Child Track.” While families who choose to adopt through the regular track wait to receive a referral for a medically healthy child, families who are interested in adopting a Waiting Child can submit their documents be matched with a specific kiddo from our Waiting Child listing at any point in the process. Each month, the CAN’s Matching Specialists receive files for new Waiting Children. These kiddos are often considered more difficult to place based on their age, the fact that they have some degree of “special need,” or the fact that they’re part of a sibling group. Since documents for these children can be submitted right away, the adoption process for the Waiting Child Track is typically much quicker.