• Adopt a child from Honduras

    Children of All Nations is now offering Latian American adoption in Honduras for children older than one year.

    Children available for adoption from Honduras range from babies to older children. Honduran children are usually of Hispanic descent. Most children will have brown eyes, light or dark brown skin, and black or brown hair. The children in Honduras come from a culture that prides itself on hospitality and kindness to others. Children are available for adoption due to poverty, abandonment, or death of one or both parents, in most cases. When selecting a child, consider that you may adopt the following:
    -Boys and girls 18 months and older
    -Children with special needs and older children
    -Two or more siblings at one time

  • Adopt a child from the Philippines!
  • Can I adopt internationally?

    Can I adopt internationally?

    Learn More about an international adoption

    International adoption requirements and eligibility.

  • Adopt from Latvia!

    Adopt a child from Latvia

    Children of All Nations is now offering Latvian adoption.

    We are currently placing children considered Waiting Children in Latvia. To access our list of children available for adoption, please visit the Latvia Waiting Child Listing, devoted to waiting children around the world. These listings are password protected, so you will need to first request a password before you are able to view the listings.

  • Burundi Adoption NOW OPEN! - Learn More >>

    Burundi Adoption NOW OPEN

    Learn More about Burundi Adoption from Africa

    There are over 500,000 orphans in Burundi, and at least 4,500 of them are in orphanages around the country. These orphanages hold anywhere from 20 to 100 children, and are all over the country in rural areas, although many are centralized in Bujumbura. The children’s diet is primarily rice and beans, thus malnutrition can be a major issue. While some orphanages may have nicer facilities than others, children almost always share beds, clothes, shoes and other basic necessities.

  • View our International Adoption Photolisting of Waiting Children

    International Adoption Photolisting of Waiting Children

    View the International Adoption Photolisting of Waiting Children with Children of All Nations.

    We are pleased to advocate for our Waiting Children who are in need of Forever Families. Our profile list is an opportunity for each of these children to be seen and their story to be shared. Listed below are general profiles of children who are a part of Children of All Nations' Waiting Child list. You may be interested in one particular child seen here, or be prompted to learn more about Waiting Children in that particular country, as you see characteristics of adoptable children represented. The profiles below are a summary of the child's background, personality and noted conditions. The information will vary per country based on their policy and procedures. Many of our countries do not release extended files until the adoptive family has signed with a placement agency and are in the dossier phase of their adoption process. However, the extended file that you would receive later is very informative and includes a photo, medical report and often a social history. The current countries that require a dossier prior to formal matching with a child include - Haiti, Latvia, and Peru. Please note, a child labeled as Pending is currently being reviewed by a potential family.

by on March 20, 2015

5 New Referrals from the Philippines

Happy Friday! We have exciting news to share – we have received 5 referrals of children from the Philippines. Congratulations to these families! We only have five spots left for families wishing to adopt a relatively younger child from Philippines. Contact Jeanne@childrenofallnations.com to … Continue reading
by on February 25, 2015

NEW! Student Ambassador Exchange Program

Children of All Nations is excited to launch it’s Student Ambassador Exchange program, which assists high school and college students as they study, work, and grow in the United States. The goal of the Student Ambassador Exchange program, and of … Continue reading
by on March 19, 2015

Philippines Host Kids are NOW Available!

We have the children listed on the photo listing. Due to Philippines confidentiality, the kids photos are not listed. If you request more information on them, one of our hosting team members will contact you and provide them and additional … Continue reading
by on February 18, 2015

China Summer Hosting Photo Listing Now Available

It’s official! The 2015 Summer Hosting Program is starting off with a big bang! We have already matched some really great kiddos thanks to our VIP families that registered early. We only have 40 spots available and as of this … Continue reading