Home Study Only

Children of All Nations’ social workers provide home study, home study updates, and post-adoption services to all Texas and Florida families who are adopting internationally or domestically. Regardless of whether you use Children of All Nations as your placing agency, we can help you complete a home study and/or post-adoption services.

A home study is a report that a licensed social worker in your state compiles in order to testify that you are a qualified family and to determine what kind of child would be best suited for your family.

The Process of Completing a Home Study

The social worker will meet with your family to conduct interviews and to make sure the home is safe for a child based on state regulations. He or she will then take written testimonies from your physicians, local police, and other references and will verify critical information such as your date of birth/marriage, citizenship, and financial status. Others in the home will be interviewed to make sure everyone is prepared for the adoption of a child. Social workers will then notarize this report and make multiple original copies for all of the appropriate parties who need it, such as your local USCIS office and for your dossier to relevant offices.

Post Adoption

The number and frequency of post-adoption reports is determined by the country you are adopting from. Please consult with your placing agency regarding specific requirements for your family’s individual post-adoption needs. Children of All Nations is proud to offer Home Study Only and Post-Adoption services to families in Texas and Florida. Post-Adoption Service prices vary according to country requirements. For pricing and more information, please contact our Adoption Program Director Diedra at 512-323-9595 ext. 3080 or diedra@gwca.org

Home Study Only Estimated Fees (Texas and Florida)

International and Domestic Adoption Fees

Application Fee $250
Home Study $1,900
Home Study – Expedite* $2,400
Home Study Update (in depth)–Current GWCA/CAN Clients $1,200
CIS Home Study Update** $500
Cost per Post-Adoption Report*** $375

*An expedited home study guarantees that your social worker will have a draft of your home study ready within 1 month. We recommend this for cases wherein an adoptive child is aging out and/or medically fragile.

**To renew I-600A and I-800A or to report changes; fee only applies to current clients using the same social worker who prepared the original home study.

***Please note you must purchase all post-adoption reports that require a social worker at one time.

Please note: to order home study or post-adoption services, please select “Adoption fees and services,” select “ADDITIONAL SERVICES,” then choose your desired option(s)