Take Action! Help Haiti!

The needs in Haiti are changing, because of new laws many creche’s are not receiving the funding they need. Many are now behind on paying their staff, or are struggling to provide for the needs of the children. One of our in country partners has reported than many creche’s are closing their doors because of a lack of funds, as a result children are now being abandoned in the streets because no one can take them.

We have been made aware of a campaign for families to Adopt a room in an orphanage.  For example you can contribute to the “Baby Room”, where donations purchase things for that room and the children within it. The children’s clothing, the upkeep of the room, toys, supplies, furniture, food for the babies, etc. There is also a teen-age boys room, a girls room, toddlers room etc. that people can contribute towards.  In return you will receive photos of what your money is contributing to! Its fun to be a part of and it really helps!

I just wanted to take a moment to make you aware of the changing needs in Haiti. If you have the means please consider sponsoring a room in this orphanage, or sponsoring a child. Here is the link to the sponsorship page, or reach out to an orphanage you know and love and see how you can help to tangibly meet their needs.

The need is immediate, and your efforts really do make a difference!

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