Uganda January Update

Our first Uganda family to travel has cleared many hurdles, and is poised to enter the U.S. Embassy process in the coming days.  We are so excited for this trail blazing family!

Waiting Families

Families waiting for a match can improve their chances of receiving a referral by widening the parameters you are willing to accept, i.e. being open to a child of either gender, widening the age range, or even considering a special need like HIV.  You can learn more about HIV and CAN’s Gift of Hope program here:

Another great option we are still offering to all of our waiting Uganda families is signing on with our newest Uganda partnership, which we first introduced to families in Summer 2013.  Our 2 most recent referrals (a healthy 2-year-old boy and a healthy 2-year-old girl) were received through this newer partnership.  Any families who wish to proceed with this option can sign and return the attached Letter of Understanding to your Referral Counselor at your earliest convenience.

Uganda Letter of Understanding

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