Two Kids Home from Africa!

Africa SceneryChildren of All Nations is incredibly excited to welcome home an amazing family from one of our African Adoption Programs! They have just returned home with the TWO newest members of their family, and we wish them all the best as they begin the next leg of their journey together.

It is so wonderful to see movement in some of our smaller adoption programs, if your family is interested in learning how you can begin your adoption journey, contact CAN’s Matching Specialists today!

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February Uganda Update

After a long adoption journey, our first Uganda family is home with their two precious girls!  We are so overjoyed and thankful to this first family for blazing the trail for our other Uganda families.  Congratulations to this family!


Families traveling to Uganda to finalize their adoption should expect to be in country for at least 6 weeks.  We are looking forward to many more success stories from our Uganda program!

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Uganda January Update

Our first Uganda family to travel has cleared many hurdles, and is poised to enter the U.S. Embassy process in the coming days.  We are so excited for this trail blazing family!

Waiting Families

Families waiting for a match can improve their chances of receiving a referral by widening the parameters you are willing to accept, i.e. being open to a child of either gender, widening the age range, or even considering a special need like HIV.  You can learn more about HIV and CAN’s Gift of Hope program here:

Another great option we are still offering to all of our waiting Uganda families is signing on with our newest Uganda partnership, which we first introduced to families in Summer 2013.  Our 2 most recent referrals (a healthy 2-year-old boy and a healthy 2-year-old girl) were received through this newer partnership.  Any families who wish to proceed with this option can sign and return the attached Letter of Understanding to your Referral Counselor at your earliest convenience.

Uganda Letter of Understanding

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December Country Update

Our first Uganda family is currently traveling! We are very excited about this and they should receive their Guardianship Ruling early in the New Year. We also had two families accept referrals through our new partnership! One 20 month-old girl and a 2 year-old boy.

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Uganda November Update

Happy November Uganda Families,

We issued two Uganda referrals this week!  We matched one family with a 2 year old boy and another family with a 20 month old girl.  Both of these referrals came from our newest in-country partnership, and we encourage our current Uganda families to consider the option of using our new lawyer if you haven’t already given it some thought.

Fast Fact: Uganda celebrated its 51st Independence Day on October 9th.  The country gained independence from United Kingdom in 1962.

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Families are Being Created with Children of All Nations!

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Uganda October Monthly Update

CAN Program News in Uganda

We have been working very hard to set a court date for our two families with referrals in Uganda. CAN is hopeful that with the team work of our lawyer, orphanage and private investigator we will be able to have a court date on the calendar very soon!

Our new team has been working very hard to identify referrals for waiting families and we are pushing to bring you wonderful news of referrals in the near future. We expect to be able to officially issue the referral of a set of twins from our partnership with Arise & Shine in the coming weeks.

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Happy September Uganda Families!

Here at CAN we had a wonderful summer. We are so excited to have matched waiting children, opened our Embroyo and Guyana program and continued to bring children home to their forever families. We are definitely looking forward to what the fall has to bring!

Our new partnership in Uganda is working hard to identify potential referrals for families that have been able to accept. We are hopeful to be able to match a family with a referral soon!

Our first matched family had their case assigned to a judge but must wait on a court date until the judge finishes serving on acommittee. We hope to be able to get their court date scheduled in the next few months.

Kristy Inman
International Adoption Counselor

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Chicken Coop Fundraiser

Are any of you currently a participating family in our Uganda program? Do you just simply have a heart for the African people? However you maybe connected to Africa, we are excited to share the news about our new Chicken Coop Fundraiser!

At Children of All Nations our desire is not just to address the plight of the orphan, but to aid is sustaining their communities for long-term development and growth. For the next couple of months we will be partnering with our orphanage in Uganda to bring them an incredible economic opportunity! This project is aimed at improving the health of the children and community, along with providing a sustainable source of income for the orphanage as needed in the future. Our goal is to raise enough money to build a chicken coop and purchase 500 eggs. These chickens will produce enough eggs to supplement the children’s diet, support those in the community who are fighting off malnutrition, and eventually sell for orphanage profit.

We would like to invite you to join hand-in-hand with us on this project. To make this goal a reality we will need to raise $2,500 by April 1, 2013. We need your help and there is no shortage on ways to get involved! Maybe it’s encouraging your husband or wife to give up Starbucks for the month—putting the money towards the chicken coop? You could even sit down with your kids, share with them about this village in Uganda, and see if they would be willing to give up their allowance for the week? Whatever way works for your family, every little donation counts!

To read more about the project see here. 

Click here to donate!

If you have any further questions or would like more information about this project or organization please contact April at


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