Typhoon Relief

Last month a devastating Typhoon struck the shores of the Philippines taking over 6,000 lives. This was one of the deadliest storms the Philippines had ever seen. Children of All Nations works closely with orphanages in the Philippines, in order to help out we immediately launched a relief program. We decided to start collecting money to help. We collected over $2000 dollars and sent it to the NORFIL Foundation. We just received this email from them.

“NORFIL Foundation is actively helping in the safe relocation of children who were from the Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) in Tacloban and children who were orphaned because of the typhoon and were brought to RSCC.  This facility was severely damaged during the typhoon. The financial assistance of kind-hearted people like you helped us cover the expenses that include airfare, land transportation, accommodation and supplies for the children and their social worker escort while in transit, and child-caring supplies such as milk, food and other material assistance prior to their transfer to safer location.  We have also extended assistance by giving them much-needed child-caring supplies.   

Today, we are happy to report to you that we transferred a total of 22 children affected by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan from the damaged RSCC facility Tacloban to foster homes and child-caring institutions in Cebu and Manila. As an important component of this relocation effort for children, one of our social workers is tasked to visit and check several evacuation centers to know and assess the situation of children who have been orphaned or separated from their families during the height of the devastation.  Because of your help, NORFIL Foundation’s urgent mission to remove the children from the devastation in Tacloban and shield them from further trauma was accomplished.  We will continue to carry on with this mission until the very last child whom we believe needs this lifeline assistance has been taken care of.”

Our agency is so excited to hear the good news. The Philippines has a lot to do in order to recover, however one way you can help now, is choosing to bring home your forever child.

To learn more about adopting from the Philippines you can contact Lacee@childrenofallnations.com.

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