October Country Update

CAN’s Poland representative has recently presented us with several new files of Waiting Children.  These are up on our Waiting Child website.  I encourage everyone to view these sweet children’s profiles and advocate for them to your family and friends!

Typical Polish Food

As you prepare for your Poland adoption, familiarize yourself with foods that are part of the life-blood of the Polish people.  Your adopted child will appreciate some common comfort foods that are typically eaten in Poland when he or she is in a new place.  The following dishes are taken from the website below, which has other recommendations and information on customs, holidays, and gifts!


Bigos is a traditional stew (Hunter’s Stew) and is considered to be the national dish of Poland. There are many different recipes and they may vary from region to region. Typically, Bigos includes sauerkraut, various meats and sausages, tomatoes, honey and mushrooms. For meats, you can have bacon, beef, pork, ham or veal. Bigos is considered a “perpetual stew” which means it can be kept in a pot for a week or more. The taste of this stew actually intesifies each time it is reheated.

Pierogi are boiled dumplings stuffed with varying ingredients. After they are boiled, they are fried with butter and finely chopped onions. They can be filled with potato and cheese, mushrooms, and even fruit.

Wild Mushroom Soup

A hearty soup made with mushrooms.

Cabbage rolls wrapped around minded pork or beef meat, chopped onions and rice. They are usually baked with a spicey tomato sauce.

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