Poland February/March Update

CAN is excited to have issued 2 referrals in February.  Congratulations to this family who is pursuing the adoption of a sister sibling set!

Many of you have already spoken with Kim Moore, our Matching Specialist for Poland waiting children. Kim has been with Great Wall / Children of All Nations for about 3 years, specializing in the past in matching families in our China Waiting Child program.  Kim is a great resource to help your family talk through common special needs we see in this country, and if they may be manageable and a good fit for your family.  Please reach out to Kim to discuss more.  kim@gwca.org


The U.S. State Department provides a great resource to families adopting internationally with country-specific information on the international adoption process.  You can learn more about adopting from Poland by visiting www.adoption.state.gov, scrolling down and selecting Poland from the “Learn About A Country” drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page.

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Poland January Update

CAN welcomes two new families into the Poland program!

CAN has been given very brief profile information on 4 more waiting children!  We are looking to get more information and photos of these children and hope to add them to our Waiting Child list soon.

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December Poland Update

CAN welcomes two new families who have applied and been approved for our Poland program!  Many of our families continue to be open to our Waiting Children which we have been advocating for on our website.  We are seeking out more specific information on parent eligibility and matching these children to specific families who have expressed interest in them.

After the dossier is submitted, translations usually take between 2-4 weeks.  Those who are adopting a Waiting Child will have an immediate match.  For families who request to be matched by the Central Authority, these families typically experience about a 12 month referral wait for a match.

As a reminder, the children typically available in Poland are:

  • Boys and girls age 6-16 years old
  • Children between ages 1-8 are typically special needs
  • Two or more siblings at one time
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November Country Update

Happy November Poland Families!

There are no new updates this month regarding our Poland program. Our Representative is currently translating a new list of potential waiting children for whom we can advocate.  We will make this list available on our website when it is received!

We currently have  several children on our Poland Waiting Child listing:
– Roksana & Dominic
– Angelika & Veronika
– Dorian

If you have never viewed our Waiting Child listings, please visit the site at:

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The Many Faces of a Waiting Child

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Families are Being Created with Children of All Nations!

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October Country Update

CAN’s Poland representative has recently presented us with several new files of Waiting Children.  These are up on our Waiting Child website.  I encourage everyone to view these sweet children’s profiles and advocate for them to your family and friends!

Typical Polish Food

As you prepare for your Poland adoption, familiarize yourself with foods that are part of the life-blood of the Polish people.  Your adopted child will appreciate some common comfort foods that are typically eaten in Poland when he or she is in a new place.  The following dishes are taken from the website below, which has other recommendations and information on customs, holidays, and gifts!


Bigos is a traditional stew (Hunter’s Stew) and is considered to be the national dish of Poland. There are many different recipes and they may vary from region to region. Typically, Bigos includes sauerkraut, various meats and sausages, tomatoes, honey and mushrooms. For meats, you can have bacon, beef, pork, ham or veal. Bigos is considered a “perpetual stew” which means it can be kept in a pot for a week or more. The taste of this stew actually intesifies each time it is reheated.

Pierogi are boiled dumplings stuffed with varying ingredients. After they are boiled, they are fried with butter and finely chopped onions. They can be filled with potato and cheese, mushrooms, and even fruit.

Wild Mushroom Soup

A hearty soup made with mushrooms.

Cabbage rolls wrapped around minded pork or beef meat, chopped onions and rice. They are usually baked with a spicey tomato sauce.

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Hello From Emily

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Happy September Poland Families!

We are so excited to welcome a new family into our Poland program!

We continue to advocate for the latest children we have received from the Catholic Center to try and find more children a home! If you have not yet looked at our Waiting Child listing for Poland, please help us advocate for them by letting your friends and family know!


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