Love Needed in Latvia

Love Needed in Latvia
A big concern in Latvia is the issue of human trafficking. Unfortunately this issue directly impacts many of the orphans that eventually age out of care. It’s hard to comprehend how easily it happens and how often. Human trafficking is very common in Eastern European countries and it is effecting men, women and children daily.
Latvia has MANY sibling groups and older children waiting to be adopted, they are waiting for the family that will give them a chance at a better life, an education, and a promising future. Unfortunately if these children do not find these families in time, they are forced to leave the care and protection of the orphanage to fend for themselves. At this point these young teens are the prey of those looking for victims to use for human trafficking. It is a sad truth but that is why we are advocating for these children in Latvia and are helping to find their forever families.
Feel free to reach out to our International Adoption Consultants to learn how to bring your child home now.

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