Chances 4 Children – Adopting from Haiti

Because of the tumultuous history in Haiti, adoptions can be difficult but extremely necessary. Children of All Nations works diligently to facilitate adoptions with Haiti and are thrilled to be working with Chances 4 Children to make this happen. In a country like Haiti it can be difficult to establish the right connections to facilitate a successful adoption. Over time Children of All Nations has experienced various interactions while conducting international adoptions and we are so thrilled to finally be connected with an orgnaization like C4C.

In regards to the deterioration of the Haiti economy C4C feels that one of the most hopeful rays of light comes from an orphanage in the small village of Lamerdelle, just east of Port au Prince. They believe that “the answer to Haiti’s orphan epidemic is not just adoptions.” It is their goal to provide education, orphan care and projects that will help improve the community.

C4C believes that creating more opportunities for children to attend school through our tuition sponsorship and building of community schools is paramount. They also provide nutritious meals to the children their schools and provide college tuition assistance to deserving Haitian High School graduates.

As for orphan care they support four non-Adoption Orphanages which house nearly 400 children at any one time. By providing monthly donations of food, clothing, medicine and financial assistance they are able to improve the conditions and the overall care of these orphans. And just to make sure, they make bimonthly visits to these orphanages to ensure child welfare and that the partners are continuously providing enrichment programs for these children.

Beyond the children, Chances partners with local nonprofit groups to not only build schools, but also to create fresh water supplies, provide medical care at a local clinic, and implement vocational training, artisan craft programs and community based agricultural projects which add local employment opportunities.

Since 2006, Chances for Children has been caring for orphaned children and preparing them for their future lives with their new families. They ensure immediate results, because they have partnered with teams in Haiti who have been active in their local communities for years. To date they have had over 100 children adopted into loving homes in Canada and the United States. Children of All Nations is proud to be their partner!

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