Adoption Desires

What are your family’s adoption desires? How do you know where to begin? It is possible that your family may have an idea in mind of how you see your family, maybe you haven’t gotten that far, however its important to better understand what ages are realistic when adopting internationally.

0-2 years old (Infant)

Your family is probably looking for that sweet baby to add to your family. That perfect little girl or boy to be the addition your family has been looking for. We are just as excited as you are to begin this journey with you, however if you were to come home with a child under two years old your options are extremely limited. In most countries it can take around a year for a file to be made available on a child, on top of that process can last anywhere from 9 – 60 months which are two big reasons it is difficult to come home with a young child. The wait can be exceedingly long which can be very difficult to over come. To learn more about the countries that have children available under two see the link to our country matching system at the bottom of this page.

3-7 years old (Toddler +)

Maybe your family is ready for a toddler and you don’t necessarily need the baby phase. Several of our countries have children available under seven, however most of the children have one or more medical concerns. Each country varies in the types of needs that are seen with children. It is common that there are several boys available at this age. The wait for a child this age will be less than that of infant but more than likely the child will have some degree of needs. Fortunately many of the needs are more manageable once they are treated in the United States. The longer these children suffer in their native country the worse their condition can become.

7 and up (Older Child)

There are many older children available for adoption in every country. More often than not the older children are typically healthy or suffer from emotional needs to due to being institutionalized. The older a child gets, the less likely it is that they are adopted. It is very unfortunate that these children may never find their forever families due to their age. Because there are more older children available, as a family you will be able to fulfill many other desires such as gender, needs, etc that will fit best with your family. Many older children are also educated, most institutions provide schooling and they may have already begun to discover their strengths and talents. Many of our older children are a part of sibling groups. This is perfect for a family that is looking to adopt more than once. It is possible for countries like China, Guyana, Bulgaria, Poland, and Ethiopia to view a child’s file today. Reach out to our International Adoption Consultants to learn how.

If you are wondering what country will be best for what your family is looking for, click here to use our fun new tool to determine what country best fits your family’s adoption desires.

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