5 Things You Should Know About Philippines Healthy Track

Children of All Nations is currently accepting applications for our 2016 Philippines Healthy Track adoption program. If your family is interested in adopting a healthy child, this could be the perfect program for you! Below are 5 things about this program that we want our families to know. Contact our Matching Specialists, visit our website, or join our private Philippines Facebook group to learn more!


1. Healthy Kids!

All referrals that families receive in this program are for medically healthy children! As a growing number of adoption programs are beginning to turn their focus towards Waiting Children, our Philippines Healthy Track program is a great option for families that feel a healthy child would be the best fit.

2. Younger Kiddos Available

While we ask that families are open to at least age 5, it may be possible to be matched with a child as young as 2 and a half years old!

3. Can’t Specify a Preferred Gender

With the Philippines Healthy Track program, you are unable to specify a preferred gender, meaning you must be open to the possibility that you could be matched with either a girl or a boy. If you feel strongly about being matched with a child of a specific gender, we would encourage you to look into our Philippines Waiting Child program.

4. Single Applicants Welcome!

The Philippines Healthy Track adoption program is available to single applicants, however, they will be matched with a child between the ages of 9 and 15 years old. Contact our Matching Specialist to learn more!

5. Limited Number of Spots Available

Each year CAN is given a limited number of open spots for our Philippines Healthy Track adoption program. We have already begun filling our spots for 2016, and they’re filling up fast! If you’re interested in learning how you can claim your spot and begin your adoption journey, contact our Philippines Matching Specialist today!