5 Steps to Begin Your Journey


1. Talk to our Matching Specialists

GWCA and CAN’s matching specialists are here to help you find an adoption program that’s right for your family. Contact us today to take advantage of our free adoption consultation offer and speak directly to one of our adoption specialists!

(512)323-9595 | info@childrenofallnations.com

2. Review Your Eligibility

Each country that GWCA and CAN work with has its own set of eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements are put in place by the countries themselves, and not by GWCA or CAN. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a specific country or you would like to speak to a matching specialist about your eligibility, contact us today!

Here are links to some of the eligibility requirements for GWCA and CAN’s top programs:

3. Consider Your Adoption Parameters

One of the most important steps to beginning your adoption journey is figuring out what your open to in terms of your adopted child’s age range, gender, and possible special needs. Often, the more open a family is in their adoption parameters, the quicker they’ll receive a match!

4. Learn more about GWCA and CAN’s Waiting Children

If your family is open to adopting an older child, a child with needs, or a sibling group of two or more, our Waiting Child adoption programs might be right for you! Many of our Waiting Child adoption programs provide families the chance to play a role in the matching process, and often you can be matched right away!

Learn more about GWCA and CAN’s Waiting Child adoption programs.

5. Apply Today!

Once you’ve found the program that ‘s right for you, the first step is go submit your application!