14 Kids Under Six Years Old

A few of our programs have children available under six years old. All of our programs have a wide range of waiting children and more often than not we are seeing older children in most of our programs, however there is still hope for younger children. Have you considered China, Bulgaria or Latvia? These programs all have children available under six years old.
China: The requirements can be strict, but the waiting child process can be relatively easy compared to most. We currently have 14 kids on our China photo listing that are all under six years old. In China most children under six years old are going to have a wide range of medical needs. Many of these needs are manageable, and not as scary as they seem. Our matching team does an excellent job counseling families through the matching process.
Bulgaria: The Bulgaria program has children under six years old as well. The younger the child the longer the wait however the process is fairly simple. The children from Bulgaria typically have some needs but many of their needs can be more emotional vs. medical.
Latvia: Lots of love in Latvia. Once registered in country a family can receive a referral very quickly. The option for younger children is available, the younger, the longer the wait but the process is smooth sailing once you have been matched. Latvia has the option for young healthy children, however the wait averages around five years.

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