The Families are Back from Haiti!

MAY 26, 2016

HaitiThe three families that recently traveled to Haiti for their Socialization trips are back, and catching up with them and hearing their stories has been amazing! After talking to them so much before they left I felt the tables had turned while they were in country and I was constantly waiting for them to email me with updates(I imagine this is how families feel waiting to hear from me!). They all had a wonderful time in country and a couple of them are going back this summer to see their kiddos again while we wait for the adoptions to finalize.

What’s next…

Once a referral is received for a family and the Socialization trip happens the social worker that conducted the visit with the family and the child has 10 days to submit a report to IBESR. Once this is submitted the dossiers (family and child) will go to four different offices to get signed off on. After all the signatures are provided the dossiers are able to be pulled from IBESR and the family is invited for the final trip to complete the adoption.

Now that Haiti has gone Hague we all anticipated more movement happening and ideally the process in general taking less time. After various meetings were held in country it sounded like the matching time for families would be around a year from dossier submission and around 4 months between the Socialization trip and finalization. So for the time being all we can do is hope this is how the process will be going forward, and we can get all these children home soon!

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18