Philippines Healthy Track Adoption

Philippines CC 11. Children in the Regular Track are considered relatively healthy

The children available through the Regular Track adoption program in the Philippines will be considered Healthy or with minor special needs. These are the kiddos who are not included in the Philippines Special Needs program.

2. You can get a child as young as 2.5 years

Children in the regular track will be as young as 2.5 years old. Although you will need to be open to at least age 5 your family does have the opportunity to be matched with a younger kiddo!                                                                                                   

3. The process is quick

In comparison to other healthy referral programs the Philippines Regular Track Program is very quick. After a family submits their dossier we anticipate an average wait time of 24 months until match.

4. Can not specify gender

One of the small rules that goes along with Philippines Regular Track is that a family can not specify the gender of the child they would like to adopt. Families need to be open to either a boy or girl.

5. There are limited spots available

We are given an allocation of Regular Track Spots each year and those spots fill up fast so contact one of our International Adoption Councilor’s today to learn more about the program and get your process started!

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  • Paul Ibisch 11:35 am - April 7, 2015

    Lisa, My wife and I are interested in the Philippine program. My wife is 55 and I am 60. She would be the primary caregiver and we want to know our options about either and older child or a sibling group. What costs are involved? Thank you!

  • Amanda Angell 4:05 pm - April 7, 2015

    Hi Paul, so glad to hear that you and your wife are interested in Philippines adoption. Eligibility for the Philippines states that there can be no more than 45 years between primary caregiver and the child, making you eligible for older children.

    There are sibling groups available. Cost will very with the number of children you are interested in and which state you live in. Please give us a call for a more specific estimate.


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