As the leader in international adoption for over 17 years, many of the 5,000 adoptions we have facilitated have been for Waiting Children. We strongly believe children with special needs are the most vulnerable and most in need of loving homes.

Over the years, we’ve added additional informational services and resources to meet our families’ needs. Whether it’s trouble you’re having finding the right doctor to review a child’s file, or needing advice on dealing with bonding and attachment issues, we have experts willing to talk to you!

Medical Referral Program
After receiving your child’s referral, our medical team will screen your child’s medical team will screen your child’s medical reports. Depending on the service level you choose, screening can be done over the weekend as well. For more information on service levels, please click here.

Behavioral & Mental Health Specialist
Speak with a behavioral and mental health specialist on issues dealing with emotional attachment, grief, and bonding.

Doctor-On-Call Referral Service
This service is coordinated with Dr. Todd Ochs, who will be available to your family at all times during travel. Dr. Ochs will provide medical advice, prescriptions, and helpful, knowledgeable information to help you when you need it. Click here for more information on this service.

Prescription Plan
We now provide you with prescriptions for four medications proven to be effective for families adopting internationally.

Education & School Specialist 
Speak with an inclusion expert to learn how to incorporate adoption into your community and child’s classroom. Do you know your rights as an adoptive parent? Learn what those rights are and the services that schools are obligated to provide.

For more information, please call us at 512.323.9595!