Doctor-On-Call Referral Service

In a combined effort with Dr. Todd Ochs, Great Wall China Adoption and Children of All Nations is now able to provide you with prescriptions for four medications proven to be effective for families adopting internationally. Many pediatricians will not prescribe the follow medicines without meeting the child in person. However, due to professional experience with adopted children internationally, Dr. Ochs is able to prescribe the following medications for families who purchase this service:

  • Elimite cream, for possible scabies.
  • Gentamicin eye drops, for conjunctivitis or pink eye
  • Nystatin cream, for diaper rash
  • Zithromax (antibiotic)

Please note that this service is for the prescriptions only, not the actual filled medications. You will need to have the prescriptions filled at your pharmacy.

Dr. Ochs will also be on-call while your family is traveling. If for any reason, you need the advice or recommendation of a physician while traveling, Dr. Ochs is available to call.

This service is available for $110. To purchase this service or for any other information, please contact us at, or 512.323.9595.

About Dr. Todd Ochs

Dr. Ochs has been a general pediatrician in Chicago since 1984. He began working with adoptive families in 1997 during the adoption of his first (of four) Chinese daughters. Since then, he has seen over a thousand internationally adopted children in his practice and adoption clinic and done thousands of referral reviews for adoptive parents. Dr. Ochs has adopted three more special needs Chinese daughters. His office is also recognized as a Center for Excellence by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to see foster children for their comprehensive examinations after placement. Dr Ochs is a pediatrician for an adolescent group home as well.