Check out the wonderful Waiting Child campaigns GWCA has for our children and families!  Learn more and get involved today!

You can fill out a Waiting Child Family Profile to view current children on our waiting child list. If you want to be part of “Look What Love Can Do” or “Joy of Boys”, submit your photos here:

1) Look What Love Can Do

Our Great Wall China Adoption  families are so fortunate.  We want you to “Look what Love Can Do” when a family brings a little one into their forever family!  Feel free to look through each child’s pictures to see how their lives have flourished.  GWCA is so excited to help families at every stage of their adoption journey, and we would be happy to explore your adoption options through China today!  What can your love do?

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2) Joy of Boys

GWCA has many families who are only open to adopting a little girl, but there are several little boys waiting for their forever family! Have you ever considered adopting a boy from China through the Waiting Child program? Take a look through our ‘Joy of Boys’ album and see some of our GWCA families that have adopted boys…we are so happy for them!

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