Children of All Nations Travel Insurance

Children of All Nations is now offering travel insurance to our families. We feel this is a great opportunity for families to feel safe and secure during your international travel. The cost for 2 people up to the age of 80 is $95 and covers up to 20 days. If you are one person traveling, we offer this insurance at $50 up to 20 days. If you want coverage for more than 2 people, it will be an additional $50 per person.

If you are traveling 21-30 days, it’s $135 for 2 people, and $75 for 1 person. If you want coverage for more than 2 people, it’s an additional $75 per person. Travel insurance is purchased at time of travel.

Medical Coverage:  $50,000 Medical maximum is per person per Period of Coverage (up to 30 days)

Hospital Indemnity:   $150 per night (paid to the insured and is in addition to what is paid at the hospital), up to a maximum of 30 days

Emergency Medical Evacuation:   $500,000 (in addition to Medical Maximum)

Return of Mortal Remains:    $25,000

Return of Minor Child(ren):   $50,000

Emergency Reunion: $50,000

Local Ambulance Benefit:      $5,000

Loss of Baggage:     $500

Interruption of Trip:      $10,000

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at  1.877.827.5226 or send us an email!