Meet the Staff – Lacee


International Adoption Consultant

Lacee first began at GWCA in 2003. She took a break for a few years to raise her beautiful twin daughters and has been back since April of 2013. Lacee is currently an International, Domestic and Embryo Adoption Consultant. She counsels, enlightens and directs potential adoptive parents towards the best possible adoption program fit for their family. She enjoys helping families and is very dedicated to what she does. Lacee is a native Texan and graduated from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Tx. In her free time she enjoys visiting the hill country and writing children’s books.

Why do you love adoption?

“Because I am able to show the world that adoption can open the door to so many opportunities. It opens the door for childless families to have children. It opens the door for parent-less children to have a parent.  It opens the door to providing care and supplies to children who will never be adopted.  It opens the door for communities to rebuild and reunite for a common cause. And finally, because it opens the door for diplomacy between countries who have no other commonality and establishes a trusting foundation for other mutual positive exchanges in the future. “