Family Tree

Each of our families listed has their own Family Tree page.  Whether you’re in process, have been matched, or are making the plans to meet your new child, sign up today! And if you’ve completed the process, we’d like you to share your story and let you branch off of our CAN Family Tree grow, too…with pictures, blog posts, and more!

Each family that signs up (free) for a Family Tree page will have a fundraising program incorporated.  These donations can go directly towards your family’s adoption, so let your friends and family know about your Family Tree blog to keep up them updated on your journey and fundraising status!

If you’re a CAN family and you’re trying to log in to update your page, please click the Family Only log-in located in the navigation above and choose the “Family Tree Dashboard” or “Family Tree Website: account page” menu option, which are located at the bottom of your member dashboard landing page.

Haiti2Home, Pilson Family Tree
Haase Family, St. Louis, Missouri
The Speck Family Tree, Texas
Finding Sparrows – The Hoffer Family Tree
The Schoenhals Family Tree, Washington

The Cranford Family Tree, South Carolina
The Daneshvar Family Tree, Texas
The Davis Family Tree, Kentucky

Dossier Survey

Now that you've completed your Dossier with Children of All Nations, we'd love your feedback! Please complete this survey. This will allow us to know what we're doing well and what we can improve!
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