China Heritage Tours

Experience the beauty and wonder of China – an enchanting country with a rich history, full of timeless traditions and ancient customs. China gave you the cherished gift of your daughter or son – now it is time for you to share this magic with your child!

china heritage tours

We have designed our Homeland Tours in China as a unique opportunity for you and your adopted child to discover the culture and ancient history of his or her birth country together. Open your child’s eyes to this spectacular world that will forever be intertwined in their life and yours. This experience with your child will strengthen your family’s ties with China, and create lasting memories.

Most importantly, our tour provides an opportunity to go back to the orphanage where your child was adopted from and reunite with the caregivers and staff that helped care for your child before joining your family.

An orphanage visit is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for your child to see where they spent the first part of their young lives. Witness firsthand the hardworking and devoted orphanage staff that care for and nurture orphaned children while they wait for their forever families. A truly amazing and rare opportunity not to be missed, this portion of your standard homeland tour is tailored to your child’s specific province and orphanage.

Due to our long history with the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption, or CCCWA (formerly known as the CCAA), we may also be able to arrange a visit for your family with the CCCWA staff at their headquarters, so you can meet those in charge of making adoption possible in China.

Legacy Journey’s Homeland Tours are designed to build a child’s affinity for and love of their birth country. Your child’s history is one of the things that make him or her the special person they are, so please contact us about a tour option today!