Siblings Max & Mandy Need a Home!

At GWCA/CAN we know that sometimes waiting kids just need a little bit of extra advocacy and support. We know that their future family is out there, we just haven’t found them yet! That is why sometimes there are special circumstances when we like to highlight a specific kiddo that comes across our desk. Max and Mandy are one of those cases. This sibling set from the Philippines needs a home desperately. Can you help us find one?


**The birth mother left the children in the custody of their birth father  The birth father had difficulty providing the needs of the children and sought the help of an institution. The birth father decided to relinquish his parental rights over the children for adoption. Efforts were exerted to locate the birth mother  The birth mother appeared in the institution and disclosed that she cannot take custody of her children as she has no stable income. She decided to surrender her children for adoption.**

Max is a Grade 5 pupil in a public school. He is reported to do well in school. He can read and write English and Filipino words. His teachers reported that he is active in class discussions. The child is assessed to have Average intellectual functioning. At the center, he relates well with the other children. He does not want conflict with other children and would refer to his house parents when confronted by his peers. He enjoys playing basketball, football, and indoor games. He aspires to become a scientist in the future. Max is 13 years old.

Mandy is a Grade 3 pupil in a public school. She is reported to have good grades in school. She actively participates in class discussion and has good relationship with her classmates. The child is assessed to have Low intellectual functioning. At the center, she has good relationship with the other children. She follows instructions of her house parents but would at times, refuse to comply. She enjoys playing with her friends, swimming and indoor games. Mandy is 11 years old.

If you would like to speak with someone about Max and Mandy, please contact for further information. 

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