October Country Update

We are happy to announce that two of our Ukraine families will be traveling within the next month!  After painstaking efforts to do and re-do dossier documents, we congratulate these families that their hard work is paying off!

Tip for Families Traveling

In determining what type of clothing to pack, make sure to look nice at all times, including visiting the orphanage and at meetings.  See the entire process like a job interview. Although comfy and casual is accepted pretty much everywhere in the U.S., most European cultures have a higher standard of dress and appearance.  Our Representative writes, “There were several comments made to me by orphanage staff recently about families who looked sloppy, wore dirty clothing, forgot to brush their hair, etc.  The kids in the orphanage told the child who was being adopted by these parents, ‘Look- these people look like they are homeless themselves- where are they taking you?’”  For SDA, CPS, court and first orphanage meetings you should dress up even more and look professional.  If you have any questions feel free to contact your Referral Counselor!

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