New Program Announcement: Honduras is Now Open!

The third adoption program opened this year, Children of All Nations is excited to begin working with families to adopt from Honduras!

Adoption in Honduras is handled by the Honduran Institute for Children and Family (IHNFA). Honduras is not currently a Hague Convention country, but adoptions must go through IHNFA. Due to political and economic instability, there is an estimated 150,000 Honduran children considered to be orphans, and we’re very eager to begin placing these children with their forever families! Here are a few key things to know about the Honduras program:

  • Healthy boys and girls ages 6 months to 9 years old are available; older and special needs children, and sibling groups are also available.
  • Married couples are eligible to adopt if they’ve been married at least 3 years; single women are eligible to adopt a child of either gender. 
  • Time to complete an adoption is 20 to 36 months, depending on adoption desires and time spent on paperwork. 
  • Two trips are required! 
For more information regarding adopting from Honduras, please click here!

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