New CAN Waiting Children!

Our matching specialists recently added several new children to our CAN Waiting Child photo listing! Each of these children and sibling groups from Bulgaria, Haiti, and Burundi are hoping to find their Forever Families. Due to privacy policies for some of these programs, we are unable to post photos of the children here. If you’re interested in seeing their photos, viewing their files, or learning more about them, contact our CAN matching specialists today!

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Triplets (3)

The G Triplets: 

These three brothers have been nicknamed the “G Triplets” because all of their names start with the letter G. That’s not where their similarities end, however, as these three healthy brothers are about as close as can be. All 12 years old, the G Triplets told our representatives that their favorite colors are blue and yellow. They also stated that they’re all best friends, and they hope that one day they’ll all be teachers or pastors!

For more information about these amazing brothers, contact our Haiti Waiting Child adoption specialist, or visit our photo listing to request their files!


This sweet little 5 year old cannot wait to find his forever family. He told our in-country representatives that he is excited to have a mommy and daddy and is wondering when they are coming for him. Maxwell’s special needs include a shortened left lower limb but he can run and walk very well. He is also delayed but our reps say he is improving everyday! If you would like to learn more about Maxwell please reach out to our CAN team today!


Alena is an adorable 3 year old who is in need of a loving Forever Family. Her caretakers describe her as an easy-going, sociable, curious, and tidy girl who is always interested in learning new things. While Alena is a part of our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program, she her needs are relatively minor and have for the most part corrected themselves. While she was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, she is able to walk, run, and squat independently. She was also diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity, but wears glasses and is able to see. Alena is currently taking no medications, has no further need for physical therapy, and has well developed gross and fine motor skills. While her speech is somewhat delayed, all other aspects of her development are nearly on target compared to other children her age. Her caretakers say that she has been making consistent progress over time, and has excellent potential. If you’re interested in learning more about Alena, contact our matching specialists today to view her file!

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