Light eyes, light hair, dark past.

After visiting Poland to meet with our in country representatives earlier this year, our CAN matching specialist, Hilary, has been hard at work advocating to help their Waiting Children find families. While many families in the United States are open to adopting older children, sibling groups and children with medical needs, other countries often believe that these children will wait forever. Below is the latest post from our Poland matching specialist about children who are currently looking for their families. If you’re interested in learning more about our Poland Waiting Child adoption program, contact today!

When you are looking to foster, host, or adopt you tend to browse the photos different agencies have as they try and advocate to find forever families for orphaned children. You see their sweet smiles and it is hard to imagine what all they have been through by just looking at that one photo. That one photo shows you their blue eyes and their blonde hair and your instant reaction is, “oh my goodness what a beautiful child!” At least this is the case for many potential adoptive parents pursuing adoption. Poland children typically have fare skin, rosy cheeks, light hair and in this case…orphaned. When I receive a file for a child or meet them in country this is what I am typically told….

“Meet Peter. He is 2 years old and has Down Syndrome. It will be hard to find him a family but we truly wish someone will move forward with him.”


“Meet Jacob. He is 2 years old and has Down Syndrome. He is a very cute little boy but are any of your families open to Downs?


“Meet McKinley, Kennedy, and David. A sibling group of 3. They are very sweet children but will families move forward with three?”

The phrases you see above are some of the phrases we often hear in an adoption agency from other countries. The resources we have for various needs are not the same in other countries and they find it hard to believe that American families WANT to adopt sibling groups and children with special needs. Countries like Poland are astonished when I continue asking for files of children with HIV, Downs, and sibling groups.

This right here is where the advocacy starts. This right here is where WE make a change. These children need forever families and even though they are beautiful in their photos don’t you want to learn more about their history too?

Together we can make their future light instead of pattering their dark past.