Hope. Help. Haiti.



The hurricane devastation in Haiti is unlike anyone could imagine. The southern region of Haiti was hit incredibly hard and even the regions that received minimal damage are suffering as well. The price for food and water has sky rocketed because so many supplies are needing to be brought in by boats and planes…The children at the creches we are partnered with are safe but if you are looking for ways to give back, additional prayer requests, and more then we must go back to the original reason why I named this blog what it is and HopeHelp, and Haiti.

We all must start with Hope. We must hope and pray that the adoption process will become more and more concrete as Haiti continues with the Hague process. And, thankfully during the hurricane IBESR was only closed for three days and we have not seen much a delay with the adoption process. Continue to Hope that the children are being provided for during harsh conditions such as hurricane Matthew. And, Hope that all of the children will find forever families.

Secondly we all should get involved and Help. For individuals looking for ways to get involved, families adopting, or families already home with their children there are so many ways you can get involved and Help Haiti. Our agency in particular has a sponsorship page to help fund the creches and we will also be launching our Second Annual Haiti Holidays Donation Drive on November 1st. Everything sent in for Haiti Holidays will go directly to the creches and children in Haiti. Just by getting involved in these two ways can tremendously Help the children in Haiti.

And, third. Haiti. We must grant ourselves patience as we work and adopt from a third world country, continue to send prayers filled with light and love, get involved, and remain true to the reasons we all chose to have Haiti part of our lives. 

This blog was written by CAN’s Haiti adoption specialist, Hilary. Check out her blog to see other posts from her trip to Haiti, Bulgaria and Poland, or contact her at hilary@childrenofallnations.com to learn how you can begin your adoption journey today!