Heading Back to Haiti!

Our Haiti Adoption Specialist, Hilary, is heading back to Haiti tomorrow, and she couldn’t be more excited! This trip has been eagerly awaited as it will not only provide opportunities for program growth and development, but it also gives us the chance to bring the remainder of the items from our Haiti Holidays donation drive to the creches that we work with!

Each and every item that we received during our Haiti Holidays donation drive came from our incredible community of adoptive families, friends and advocates, and your support has meant the world to us. Thanks to all of you, Hilary will be bringing diapers, baby formula, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and SO much more to the children waiting in Haiti!

Be sure to visit our blog over the course of the next week to read updates from Haiti!

“I am going to Haiti….I. AM. GOING. TO. HAITI. AGAIN.

I am not too sure if I am still in a state of shock or the reality that my flight is booked, my bags are almost packed, donations have been disbursed, and my itinerary is in the works has not fully sunk in yet. Haiti is a place that stole my heart long before I had ever been given an opportunity to travel there, and since then it has greatly impacted my life. I have always known that I would get to go back to see the children, the people and explore more. But, I cannot get over the fact that the second trip that I have longed for since returning from the first trip is here and this time I will be traveling on my own.

This is my first time to travel internationally by myself and to say that I am not nervous would be a lie but I am also so excited to do this on my own. For many of you that have been on this journey with me since the beginning you may have followed along as I traveled to Haiti for the first time with one of my co-workers and you may have also watched me take over this program and develop it into what it has become today.

Haiti has always been my project and looking for ways to improve this program, do more in the country, and provide opportunities for individuals to get involved has been my passion since day one. I have some big plans in store for the months to come and this trip is key to turning those plans into an actual reality.

I hope that you all will walk beside me as I take a leap of faith and discover Haiti on my own.

And so the adventure begins…” -Hilary Clemons 


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