Haiti’s Waiting Children

Haiti Waiting Child Adoption

CAN’s Haiti adoption program, like many others, has both a Healthy Track and a Waiting Child program. Choosing the program that fits your family’s adoption desires is simply a matter of deciding what you’re open to in terms of age range, special needs and sibling groups. For families that feel a younger, medically healthy child would be the best fit, our Healthy Track program is typically the best fit. For families that have a wider age range, are open to medical needs, or would like to adopt a sibling group, however, our Haiti Waiting Child adoption program is a great option!

Below are a few of the Waiting Children from Haiti that we’re currently advocating for. If you would like more information on any of these kiddos, or to find out how you can start your adoption through our Haiti program, contact CAN today!

Meet the Kids!


Emma is an adorable little girl who just turned six years old! She was brought to the orphanage when she was just one and a half years old, and has been living there ever since.

Emma is an active girl who likes to play outside and is full of life and energy. She enjoys writing and coloring, and blowing kisses to those around her. She likes to be the center of attention, and is often found helping out with the younger children around the orphanage. Her caretakers say that she is very sweet, and she has earned herself the nickname “Ti Manmi,” which means “Little Mommy” in creole. 

Gavin, Grant & Grayson

These three brothers are as close as can be! They have been nicknamed the “G Triplets” because all of their names start with the letter G. These incredible 12 year old brothers told our representatives that they’re all best friends with the same favorite colors, blue and yellow. All three of them hope to become teachers or pastors!

For more information about these amazing brothers, contact our Haiti Waiting Child adoption specialist, or visit our photo listing to request their files!


Wilson is an incredibly sweet boy who was brought to the orphanage seven years ago after being found in a ravine close by. One of our Haiti adoption counselors had the chance to visit with Wilson during a trip to Haiti in early 2016, and she said he is the happiest kiddo you’ll ever meet.

Wilson can always be seen with a smile on his face, and he doesn’t let anything get him down. His caretakers said the following about him:

“Wilson does really good walking with his walker, he tries so hard. He is a very happy boy and just lights up a room. He is a favorite with all the teams. He loves to play and be outside with the other kids. He loves school! He eats well and sleeps well to. He has a new nurse that helps him and the other special needs children. She does a great job caring for the children.”

We are so hopeful that Wilson will find his forever family very soon. Contact CAN to learn how you can be matched with him through our Haiti Waiting Child adoption program.

Is your family open to adopting a child with HIV?

One of the creches that Children of All Nations is partnered with recently informed us that they’re looking to place a child who has been diagnosed with HIV. If you’re open to adopting a child with HIV and you’re interested in learning more, contact hilary@childrenofallnations.com for more information.

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