12-Year-Old Triplets Waiting in Haiti!

Over the past several years, CAN’s matching specialists have advocated for these incredible brothers with the hope of finding them their forever family. They are incredibly sweet boys who we feel would truly thrive with the love and support of a family. If you’re interested in learning how your family can be matched with these boys visit CAN’s Waiting Child photo listing to request their file or contact our matching specialists today!

The Why’s of Adoption – by Hilary (CAN’s Haiti Matching Specialist)

I have a lot of moments during my day where I question why the adoption process is the way it is, who I could potentially connect with to help get our kiddos out and why there is not more urgency to unite children with their forever families. Working with 6 different countries has taught me a lot, and not just about international adoption but the various structures in different countries. Now, of course I realized early on that the structure of Haiti would be more of a no structure situation but with the amount of help stateside I am always hopeful that we can help contribute ideas, develop more structure for adoption, and simply co-exist together in a more beneficial way to create a streamline adoption process on behalf of the children.

When the adoption process has hiccups or delays it means sibling groups like the G-Triplets (Gavin, Grant and Grayson) must wait even longer to find a forever home and family.  I met this amazing 12 year old trio and I can personally say that they are some of the sweetest and well mannered boys that I have ever met. They showed me around their creche, introduced me to their friends, and we even practiced speaking English!

These brothers have been waiting for a long time to be adopted and even after seeing their friends leave the creche year after year they remain hopeful that the planes they see flying above might be bringing their family to them.

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