From the Desk of Lizzie: October 17, 2012

Good Morning Families,

GWCA has started some exciting adoption campaigns!  “Look What Love Can Do” was started to show the impact adoption can have on a child when a family brings a little one into their forever family.  Feel free to look through each child’s pictures to see how their life has flourished. GWCA is so excited to help families at every stage of the adoption journey, and we would be happy to explore your adoption options through China today!  What can your love do?

Another new agency campaign is: “Joy of Boys.”  This campaign shows that although many families are only open to little girls, there are also boys in China waiting for their forever family.  Are you interested in learning more about adopting from China…possibly a boy?  Feel free to contact me at for more information.  You can also have your little boy’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos displayed in our “Joy of Boys” album on our GWCA website by submitting through our campaign site.


Lizzie Kovach

Adoption Consultant/Outreach and Promotions Manager

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