From the Desk of Lizzie: November 7, 2012

Happy Adoption Month!

November is Adoption Month. There are so many exciting things for our families to be thankful for and continue learning. I’d love to share a few Adoption Month events and ideas with you all:

1) Adoption Day is November 17th, and there are events all over the country to celebrate. You can find an event in your area right here!

2) Do you have a Family Tree with GWCA or CAN? Family Tree is a wonderful way to keep your family and friends informed of your adoption journey…especially during Adoption Month! GWCA and CAN families can start their own Family Tree blog here.

3) I think there are some amazing adoption stories and inspirational quotes. Do you have any adoption stories or special quotes to share? Check out our Facebook page and continue sharing all month!


Lizzie Kovach

Adoption Consultant/Outreach and Promotions Manager

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