From the Desk of Lizzie: August 31, 2012

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope everyone has exciting plans for Labor Day Weekend. I know many of our GWCA/CAN staff will be spending time with family. If you are doing something fun, feel free to share your special moments with us!

This week, I have met with quite a few families, and there are a few key questions I ask as they begin their adoption journey. One question is, “Have you ever considered a child with special needs?” Some families know the answer to this question right away because they have been thinking about adoption for a while. Most families are truly at the beginning of their research, and they wonder what exactly ‘special needs’ means in the adoption world.  Depending on what country you are interested in, special needs can vary…and so can the referral times (typically, special needs programs have shorter referral wait times).

GWCA/CAN has adoption consultants (me!) and case managers that would love to help you determine if a special needs kiddo could be a good fit for your family. We can even go through all the different types of special needs, resources, program specifics, and timelines. If you want start reviewing a medical glossary, you can also do so here.

Happy Labor Day,

Lizzie Kovach
Adoption Consultant

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