From the Desk of Lizzie: August 27, 2012

Happy Monday Morning!

GWCA/CAN has over 18 adoption programs for families to consider. I am always motivated to continue to grow and develop our programs. Our agency is constantly working to unite our families with these children…finding the perfect match for each family and child.

When a family is just beginning their adoption journey, they usually do not even know all of their adoption options.  Have you ever heard of Moldova? Many of our families have never even considered adopting from Moldova, but there are many kiddos waiting for their forever family. What about the Dominican Republic? Our adoption program in the DR has children of all ages (starting at 10 months old) available, and it has a special travel/bonding process. We even have a Domestic program! Children of All Nations works with Texas birth mothers to form a unique adoption plan and find the perfect family for their child.  Check out all of our programs and countries here.

When I speak with families inquiring about adoption, I get excited to hear about their adoption desires.  It is amazing that they have so many adoption options, and I love getting them started on their journey!  Call me anytime to learn the best program for you!


Lizzie Kovach
Adoption Consultant

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