From the Desk of Lizzie: August 13, 2012

Happy Monday Families!

I really love talking to all of my families about starting their adoption journey, but I only get to chat with them through phone or email (and occasionally when they pop in our office for a visit–best days)! I decided to start a blog, so I can always keep you informed about the exciting things happening at GWCA/CAN. I hope you all enjoy it!

So, what am I really excited about this week? CAN just launched our brand new Honduras program! I have already answered a ton of families asking for more details on children available (healthy kiddos beginning at 6 months of age, sibling groups, and special needs children). I have also answered families asking about program fees and eligibility. It is a great feeling to begin connecting families and children in Honduras. I can’t wait for our first family to sign up, but I really can’t wait for our first child to come home! One amazing thing about this program: the estimated wait time is only 1-2 years! We hope to unite families very soon.

If you ever want to learn more about Honduras (or any other country), you can also chat with me online…live! Our GWCA/CAN websites have a live chat feature, and it is really easy to connect with me and get your questions answered right away. I’m actually chatting with someone about China right now! 🙂

Some of you may not have my contact information. Feel free to reach out to me anytime:

512-323-9595 x3091 or


Lizzie Kovach
CAN/GWCA Adoption Consultant

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