Five Reasons to Adopt From Ukraine

Why Adopt From Ukraine?
1. Once a dossier is registered in country, the process will typically move rapidly. A family could receive an invitation to meet their referred child in just 2-4 months! 
2. Beautiful boys and girls typically ages 9 and up with minor special needs are ready and waiting to be adopted.
3. A family may adopt 2 or more siblings at the same time
4. In country staff is welcoming, experienced and wonderful to work with.
5. You are helping to save a child’s future! Most children in Ukraine that do not get adopted do not find work, and end up involved in crime or prostitution.

What to Expect
The adoption process in Ukraine is probably one of the smoothest out of all the countries, however, the dossier preparation process maybe one of the most difficult. A family adopting from Ukraine must be prepared to meet deadlines, have quick turn around with documents, be patient and understand the country’s strict policies. But once a dossier is registered in Ukraine the process is a breeze!

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