Children of All Nations Adoption Blog: November 28, 2012

Hello CAN Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know I ate way too much, but I did enjoy spending time with my family.  Did anyone have new additions or traditions this year?

CAN has some new additions that we are truly excited to share.  Every month, we have new webinars for families researching adoption and for those families currently in process!  Everyone can benefit from attending and learning just a little more about the adoption world.  CAN will highlight specific regions in a webinar every other week, and we will also have webinars on topics like: “Adoption Myths and FAQs” or “Financial Assistance for Adoptions.”  We hope to inform and educate families as much as possible throughout their adoption journey!

Have you attended a webinar?  What are you waiting for?  View our webinar schedule here.

Also, learn how to connect with CAN through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest right now!  There are always exciting posts, updates, and families to interact with!


Lizzie Kovach

Adoption Consultant/Outreach and Promotions Consultant

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