Children of All Nations Adoption Blog: January 16, 2013

Dear CAN Families,

It is getting chilly…winter is definitely here!  Have you ever experienced winter in another country?  Do you share winter traditions with your adopted child?

Latvia is a wonderful country, full of traditions!  There are also many children in need of a forever family from Latvia, and Children of All Nations has built a great adoption program for these kiddos.  Children available in Latvia are usually 9-16 years old and healthy, 6 months -16 years old and part of a sibling group, or children under 9 years old with special needs.  The current wait time for a referral depends on your adoption desires, but it is estimated around 6 months once you submit your dossier!

Travel requirements are typically 3 trips, ranging from 2-3 weeks in length each.  One amazing thing about adopting from Latvia is that they give families the opportunity to take your child home in between trips!  This allows for the bonding process to continue with your child!

To learn more about the children in Latvia and even eligibility requirements, contact me today at 512-323-9595 x3091


Lizzie Kovach

Adoption Consultant/Outreach and Promotions Manager

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