Children of All Nations Adoption Blog: December 5, 2012

Happy Wednesday Families,

The holidays are just around the corner, and CAN loves hearing about your family’s holiday stories.  Do you remember what your first holiday was like with your little one?  Are you anxious to learn about the adoption process and have your first holiday as a complete family?!

One of our newer programs is domestic adoption.  I think many families are interested in a domestic adoption, but they might be scared of what that could mean.  Will the birth mother want an open adoption?  What is an open adoption?  What will the birth mother be like? Will the birth mother want the baby back?  How long is the wait?  CAN is wonderful at assessing the birth mother’s needs and commitment to adoption before matching with an adoptive family.  CAN also supports and counsels the birth mother and adoptive family through their entire journey.

Recently, I have been watching a series on domestic adoptions, and I think our families could learn from each adoption story they follow.  You can watch an episode of “The Baby Wait” here.

You can also learn more about CAN’s Domestic Program, right here.


Lizzie Kovach

Adoption Consultant/Outreach and Promotions Manager

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