Family Milestones – Bulgaria Adoption

4-siblingsSeveral of the families in our Bulgaria adoption program have recently reached very exciting milestones in their adoption processes. While for some, this milestone is just the first of many, others are nearing the final leg of their adoption journey and preparing to welcome their child home forever!

One Step Forward for Kirk

Kirk, one of the incredible kiddos that our CAN team met while they were in Bulgaria earlier this year, has been waiting a very long time to find his Forever Family. When our team first entered the room to meet with him, in fact, he was convinced that they were going to bring him home right then and there. This truly touched our CAN team’s hearts, and they were determined to help him find his family. Now, just a few short months later, one of the families in our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program has begun submitting their paperwork to be matched with him!

Four Sisters Matched

We just received news that one of the families in our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program has officially been matched with a sibling group of FOUR sisters! These adorable young ladies range in age from 8 to 16 years old, and have been waiting for a family for a very long time. We are so incredibly happy for them and their new Forever Family as they take one step closer to being united!

Family Traveling for Bonding Trip

Another one of the families in our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program is currently packing their bags and preparing to travel to Bulgaria this weekend for their bonding trip! This family has been matched with yet another sibling group of four kiddos – two boys and two girls. These four siblings are so excited to meet their new family, and even drew a photo (shown above) including their new mom, dad, and little brother!

Coming Home!

Lastly, we have one family from our Bulgaria adoption program that is preparing to travel for their final trip to bring their daughter home FOREVER! This particular family was matched with their daughter through our traditional Bulgaria adoption program, and they were overjoyed when they received their referral. We can’t wait to see them come home and we are so excited to continue following their journey!


We are so happy for each and every one of these families as they take one step forward in their adoption journey. Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN! If you’re interested in learning more about CAN’s Bulgaria adoption program, visit the Bulgaria page on our website, contact our CAN matching specialists, or visit our Waiting Child photo listing to see children that we’re currently advocating for.

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