We are here…And I still can’t believe it – Haiti Travel Update

We are here.. And I still cannot believe it. 

When you have dreamed about doing something your entire life and it finally comes true it is hard to believe. All day today, I have felt like I am dreaming.. As our driver came to a gate and told us we were at Maison my heart fell into my stomach. I had no idea what to expect and my nerves and excitement were starting  to get the best of me. I stepped out of the car and began walking through the orphanage looking at all the little clothes hanging on the clothes line, children running everywhere, and the amount of love they spread every direction they ran. I was immediately tackled by a stunning little girl wearing an Ariel dress and a handsome young man joined in on the fun as well! After that I continued walking around and ended up at the toddler room. One little boy put his hand on my face and called me beautiful so I think it’s safe to say I found my valentine in Haiti ? We all took tons of pictures and started making home made peanut butter with a peanut grinder! The kids went CRAZY. I stood back watching them run up for more and more peanut butter and realized how lucky we truly are for what we have…They were all so excited over something that is such a common grocery item to all of us and that really hit it home for me. The children and people in this country are amazing and it has been incredible to see children in person that I have seen in photos for months (I am sure some of you families can relate to that).

Tomorrow we tackle IBESR so keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we push for updates and positive movement for adoptions in general.

Much love from Haiti ❤️

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Two Kids Come Home from the Philippines!

PH SIBS1We would like to welcome home one of the families from our Philippines adoption program, who has just returned with the TWO newest members of their family! Congratulations from all of us at Children of All Nations, we are so excited for all of you as you begin the next leg of your journey together!

Are you interested in adopting from the Philippines?

Children of All Nations is currently accepting applications for our 2016 Philippines “Healthy Track” program. This program provides families with the opportunity to adopt a child as young as two and a half to five years old, with no medical needs. Each year Children of All Nations is allotted a limited number of openings for this program, if your family is interested in learning how you can claim your spot, contact our adoption consultants today!


*For privacy purposes the photo used in this post is a stock photo, not a photo of the children mentioned.

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