5 Reasons to Adopt from Poland

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For families looking to begin the process of adopting internationally, selecting the right program can seem like a daunting task. In addition to your family’s specific adoption desires (child’s age, needs, etc.), you have to consider what each program has to offer, from the wait time to the travel requirements. Below are five reasons why your family might want to consider adopting from Poland.

We are so excited to share that we will be sending a team from Children of All Nations to Poland this fall to meet with representatives at adoption centers and visit orphanages! These trips not only help us develop and grow our programs, but they provide us with resources that help place more and more children with loving Forever Families. Keep an eye out for program updates coming later this year!

1. Healthy and Waiting Children

Poland’s international adoption program has both a Healthy Track and a Waiting Child program, making it a great fit for families with varying adoption desires. Children in the Healthy Track are generally age 8-15, while children in the Waiting Child track can be as young as 1 year old. The Waiting Child adoption program provides families with the opportunity to be matched with children that are considered more difficult to place based on their age or special needs. Much like the Bulgarian Waiting Child adoption process, families in Poland’s Waiting Child program have the opportunity to play a role in the matching process, as they can request to be matched with a child that their agency is advocating for.

2. Fast Process

While the wait time for many international adoption programs continues to grow, families adopting from Poland’s Healthy Track generally receive their referral within just 12 months of submitting their dossier. Since families in the Waiting Child program are able to request a match earlier on, the process of bringing a Waiting Child home is often even faster! As with any program, however, these wait times may vary based on the age range, gender, and needs that your family is open to.

Poland 13. Siblings

In addition to placing older children and children with special needs, Poland’s Waiting Child program strives to find loving forever families for sibling groups of two or more. Adopting a sibling group is an amazing way to provide a shared future to children who have a shared past. If you are considering adopting a sibling group and would like more information, read our blog post “Six Reasons to Adopt a Sibling Group” or contact our CAN matching specialists today.

4. Eligibility

As each international adoption program has its own set of eligibility requirements, families are often surprised to find out that while they may not qualify for one program, there are others which may welcome them with open arms. Poland’s eligibility requirements are relatively open, allowing families to begin their adoption journey once they are just 25 years old. Visit our Poland adoption page for more information on the program’s eligibility requirements.

5. Single Women Are Welcome

While some international adoption programs are only open to married couples, Poland welcomes single applicants for both the Healthy Track and the Waiting Child adoption program! For more information on adopting as a single parent, contact Children of All Nations today!

– Learn more about our Poland adoption program
– Contact a CAN matching specialist

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Four Families Traveling to Bulgaria!

This January, FOUR of the families in CAN’s Bulgaria adoption program are traveling to meet the kids that they’ve been matched with. What an incredible way to kick off the new year!

Bulgaria’s adoption process requires families to travel twice , once for a bonding trip, and once to finalize the adoption and bring their child home. Each of the families traveling this month are completing their first trip, and will spend around one week in-country getting to know more about their child’s personality and/or needs while spending time with them in their hometown.

At the end of the bonding trip, our families will all have to say a difficult “goodbye” to their kiddos and prepare to head home where they’ll anxiously await news of their second trip. This second trip is when all the pieces finally come together, and our families have the opportunity to finalize their adoption and bring their kiddos home forever!

Congratulations to each of the four families who will be traveling this month! We are so excited to continue following your journeys as you take one step closer to bringing your kiddos home forever.

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Answering the Call – Another Successful Haiti Holidays

We called, and you answered. Children of All Nations’ 2nd annual Haiti Holidays Donation Drive has officially come to an end, and we have been so amazed by the outpour of support from all of the #OrphanWarriors in our community. In addition to general donations, we’ve received diapers, formula, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, soap, clothing, shoes, blankets, toys, and so much more! All of these donations will be given directly to the orphanages that CAN is partnered with in Haiti, providing them with some of the essentials that they’re desperately in need of.

One shipment of supplies has already made the trek to Haiti, arriving at the orphanage on time for each of the children to receive their very own Christmas gift. For many of these children this gift was the first that they’d ever received, and you can see their joy and excitement shining through in each of the photos and videos.

Often times it’s difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of those who are less fortunate. It’s hard to imagine going a full day without three hot meals, or having to worry about the availability of fresh drinking water. For so many orphans around the world, however, this is the reality that is faced on a daily basis. Although it seems difficult to make a difference in their lives from such a distance, each of the families that contributed to our cause has done just that. Thank you for making our 2nd annual Haiti Holidays donation drive such a great success. While we are no longer accepting donations for this year’s drive, keep an eye out for our 3rd annual Haiti Holidays donation drive, coming fall 2017. If you’re looking for a way to give back in the meantime, there are countless ways to make a difference. Learn about our Fostering Hope child sponsorship program or contact us today for more information!

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5 Reasons to Adopt From Bulgaria

Bulgaria 1If you are looking to grow your family through international adoption, our Bulgaria adoption program could be a great fit! As this program continues to grow, we are seeing more and more children’s files coming in each month giving us the opportunity to help place children with loving Forever Families. Below are five reasons your family may want to consider beginning your Bulgaria adoption journey!

For more information, contact our CAN matching specialists today!

1. Traditional and Waiting Child Programs – Bulgaria has both a Traditional Adoption program, and a Waiting Child track! Families that are waiting for a referral in the traditional adoption program are able to look at the Waiting Children that our agency is advocating for, giving them the option of switching to the Waiting Child program if that is where they find their child.

2. Get Matched Quickly In our Waiting Child program, you get to play a role in the matching process, meaning you can submit your request to be matched as soon as you find your child!

3. Siblings – Your family can be matched with a sibling group of 2 or more! While this is more common in the Waiting Child program, it is a possibility in the traditional program as well depending on the age range that you’re open to. Recently we’ve seen several sets of older twins in our Waiting Child program! 

4. Healthy Older Children 
Our Waiting Child program has children of all ages with varying degrees of needs. However, occasionally the only reason that a child is considered a “Waiting Child” is because they are older.

5. Younger Children
While younger healthy children are available through the traditional program, there are younger Waiting Children with special needs ranging anywhere from very minor to more moderate or severe. For families that are comfortable with needs, this is a great alternative which offers a shorter wait time.

If your family is interested in learning more about either our Bulgaria Traditional Adoption program or our Waiting Child program, please contact our CAN Matching Specialist, visit our Photo Listing, or join our Facebook group today!


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11 Days Left to Give Back

The new year is right around the corner, and there are only 11 DAYS LEFT to donate to CAN’s 2016 Haiti Holidays Donation Drive!

We have been so blown away by the generosity we’ve seen throughout the community, as our families and friends have come together to contribute to this cause. We have already sent one shipment to Haiti, and we are eagerly awaiting the moment when we get to send the rest of the supplies that our families have provided us with!

Each of the orphanages in Haiti that CAN is partnered with have provided us with a list of items that they’re in need of (see below). Our donation drive will be ending on January 1st. If you’re interested in contributing, please send one of the requested items or a gift card to Children of All Nations.

Thank you for supporting our Haiti Holidays Donation Drive!

Items requested: 

– Toothbrushes
– Toothpaste
– Diapers (all sizes)
– Formula
– Clothes (For older boys and girls)
– Underwear (all size)
– Bar Soap
– Baby Powder
– Powered Milk
– Shoes (all sizes)
– Deodorant
– Baby Oil
– Shampoo
– Blankets
– Hair Accessories
– Vaseline
– Gift Cards

Items can be mailed to: 

Children of All Nations
ATTN: Hilary
248 Addie Roy Road A102
Austin, Tx 78746

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Light eyes, light hair, dark past.

After visiting Poland to meet with our in country representatives earlier this year, our CAN matching specialist, Hilary, has been hard at work advocating to help their Waiting Children find families. While many families in the United States are open to adopting older children, sibling groups and children with medical needs, other countries often believe that these children will wait forever. Below is the latest post from our Poland matching specialist about children who are currently looking for their families. If you’re interested in learning more about our Poland Waiting Child adoption program, contact Hilary@childrenofallnations.com today!

When you are looking to foster, host, or adopt you tend to browse the photos different agencies have as they try and advocate to find forever families for orphaned children. You see their sweet smiles and it is hard to imagine what all they have been through by just looking at that one photo. That one photo shows you their blue eyes and their blonde hair and your instant reaction is, “oh my goodness what a beautiful child!” At least this is the case for many potential adoptive parents pursuing adoption. Poland children typically have fare skin, rosy cheeks, light hair and in this case…orphaned. When I receive a file for a child or meet them in country this is what I am typically told….

“Meet Peter. He is 2 years old and has Down Syndrome. It will be hard to find him a family but we truly wish someone will move forward with him.”


“Meet Jacob. He is 2 years old and has Down Syndrome. He is a very cute little boy but are any of your families open to Downs?


“Meet McKinley, Kennedy, and David. A sibling group of 3. They are very sweet children but will families move forward with three?”

The phrases you see above are some of the phrases we often hear in an adoption agency from other countries. The resources we have for various needs are not the same in other countries and they find it hard to believe that American families WANT to adopt sibling groups and children with special needs. Countries like Poland are astonished when I continue asking for files of children with HIV, Downs, and sibling groups.

This right here is where the advocacy starts. This right here is where WE make a change. These children need forever families and even though they are beautiful in their photos don’t you want to learn more about their history too?

Together we can make their future light instead of pattering their dark past.

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5 Steps to Begin Your Journey


1. Talk to our Matching Specialists

GWCA and CAN’s matching specialists are here to help you find an adoption program that’s right for your family. Contact us today to take advantage of our free adoption consultation offer and speak directly to one of our adoption specialists!

(512)323-9595 | info@childrenofallnations.com

2. Review Your Eligibility

Each country that GWCA and CAN work with has its own set of eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements are put in place by the countries themselves, and not by GWCA or CAN. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a specific country or you would like to speak to a matching specialist about your eligibility, contact us today!

Here are links to some of the eligibility requirements for GWCA and CAN’s top programs:

3. Consider Your Adoption Parameters

One of the most important steps to beginning your adoption journey is figuring out what your open to in terms of your adopted child’s age range, gender, and possible special needs. Often, the more open a family is in their adoption parameters, the quicker they’ll receive a match!

4. Learn more about GWCA and CAN’s Waiting Children

If your family is open to adopting an older child, a child with needs, or a sibling group of two or more, our Waiting Child adoption programs might be right for you! Many of our Waiting Child adoption programs provide families the chance to play a role in the matching process, and often you can be matched right away!

Learn more about GWCA and CAN’s Waiting Child adoption programs.

5. Apply Today!

Once you’ve found the program that ‘s right for you, the first step is go submit your application!

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Family Milestones – Bulgaria Adoption

4-siblingsSeveral of the families in our Bulgaria adoption program have recently reached very exciting milestones in their adoption processes. While for some, this milestone is just the first of many, others are nearing the final leg of their adoption journey and preparing to welcome their child home forever!

One Step Forward for Kirk

Kirk, one of the incredible kiddos that our CAN team met while they were in Bulgaria earlier this year, has been waiting a very long time to find his Forever Family. When our team first entered the room to meet with him, in fact, he was convinced that they were going to bring him home right then and there. This truly touched our CAN team’s hearts, and they were determined to help him find his family. Now, just a few short months later, one of the families in our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program has begun submitting their paperwork to be matched with him!

Four Sisters Matched

We just received news that one of the families in our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program has officially been matched with a sibling group of FOUR sisters! These adorable young ladies range in age from 8 to 16 years old, and have been waiting for a family for a very long time. We are so incredibly happy for them and their new Forever Family as they take one step closer to being united!

Family Traveling for Bonding Trip

Another one of the families in our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program is currently packing their bags and preparing to travel to Bulgaria this weekend for their bonding trip! This family has been matched with yet another sibling group of four kiddos – two boys and two girls. These four siblings are so excited to meet their new family, and even drew a photo (shown above) including their new mom, dad, and little brother!

Coming Home!

Lastly, we have one family from our Bulgaria adoption program that is preparing to travel for their final trip to bring their daughter home FOREVER! This particular family was matched with their daughter through our traditional Bulgaria adoption program, and they were overjoyed when they received their referral. We can’t wait to see them come home and we are so excited to continue following their journey!


We are so happy for each and every one of these families as they take one step forward in their adoption journey. Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN! If you’re interested in learning more about CAN’s Bulgaria adoption program, visit the Bulgaria page on our website, contact our CAN matching specialists, or visit our Waiting Child photo listing to see children that we’re currently advocating for.

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The Bulgaria Matching Process


Last month during our CAN team’s trip to Bulgaria, they had the opportunity to meet with the incredible men and women who represent our agency in-country. CAN is currently partnered with two different NGOs in Bulgaria, each of which plays a vital role in our Waiting Child adoption program. One team of representatives is pictured here, wearing our TEAM CAN t-shirts!

Our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program has grown so much in the past year, and we are looking forward to seeing this growth continue as even more Waiting Children will be coming this year!

Why does CAN love Bulgaria?

One of the many things that makes our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program so unique is the matching process. Unlike many adoption programs where families receive a referral based on the age range, gender and needs that they specify, our Bulgaria Waiting Child program provides them with the chance to play a role in their matching process. This program is also very open to families in terms of eligibility requirements, and offers a relatively quick process from the moment you apply till the day you bring your child home forever!

How does the matching process work?

Every two months, CAN’s in-country representatives attend a distribution meeting where they are able to select files. Throughout this process, they keep any current families’ adoption desires in mind with the hope that they will see a child or sibling group that might be a good fit for them.

Once CAN receives these children’s files we begin to advocate on their behalf, both with current families and with families who request their file from our Waiting Child photo listing. One thing to keep in mind about the matching process for this program is that families can be matched with a child at ANY point in the process. This means even if you find your child before you’ve begun submitting paperwork, we can submit a request for you to be matched with them!

Waiting Children

CAN is currently advocating for several children and sibling groups from Bulgaria with the hope that they will each find a loving family. Visit our Waiting Child photo listing today to view their profiles or request their full medical files!


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CAN Has a New Look!

new-sites1In the midst of National Adoption Month, we are so excited to announce the launch of our NEW website design! This change has been underway for the past few months, and we are so happy to share that each site (GWCA, CAN, Orphan Hosting and Student Ambassador Exchange) has now made the transition.

What’s new?

The Appearance

The site has a new clean cut appearance, but don’t worry, the content is all still there! So whether you’re looking for information on one of our programs, reading our latest blog posts, or visiting our photo listing to request a child’s file, love the speed and convenience of the new layout!

Browse On-The-Go!

It’s now easier than ever to browse our websites on your cell phone or tablet! The new layout adjusts to the size of your screen so you don’t have to worry about zooming in or out to find the right tab.

Sign up for our newsletter! 

If you’re interested in receiving emails from GWCA, CAN, Orphan Hosting and SAE, you can now sign up by simply scrolling to the bottom of one of our home pages and entering your email address!

While our newsletters are a great way to stay in the loop with our adoption programs, we encourage any families that are ready to begin their journey to contact our matching specialists directly. You can do this by filling out a contact form, emailing info@childrenofallnations.com, or calling us at (512)323-9595.

Take a look around:

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