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US Infant Adoption

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About US Infant Adoption

Adoption has been a natural response by human beings to protect children, especially during times of vast illness, widespread poverty, and war. During the 1950s, there was a shift in the United States from adoption being in response to ill health and poverty, to being a result of adverse social circumstances. People also started to become more sensitive to the child’s experience and worked to make adoptions a private matter, as opposed to the previous practice of placing children up on a stage to select. Foster care homes replaced orphanages during this time as well. Legal process was also developed, along with the adoption structures we are familiar with today.

In the 1970s, the amount of American infant adoptions decreased by half, with the legalization of abortion. Since that time, adoptions have been steadily decreasing as a result of increased social acceptance of out of wedlock pregnancy, single parenthood, and continued accessibility to abortion. This trend has contributed to the much higher proportion of adoptive families to available adoptive children in theUnited States, which has propelled the movement toward international adoptions.

There are currently over 20,000 newborn infants voluntarily placed for adoption every year in the United States, but there are approximately 60-80,000 parents wanting to adopt. Children of All Nations recognizes this reemerging push for private, domestic adoption and the need for adoptive families and birth parents to have professional guidance to help prepare them for the adoption and mediate a healthy and positive adoption. Children of All Nations opened the domestic adoption program to help adoptive parents and birth parents alike.

Over the last two decades, research has shown healthier outcomes for adopted children and birth parents when the adoption is one that is open. For this reason, Children of All Nations’ domestic program promotes open adoptions and encourages birth parents to take an active part in selecting the adoptive family in which they see as a positive match for their child. Additionally, plans are made between the birth family and the adoptive family for continued contact throughout the pregnancy, post-placement, and after the adoption takes place. The amount of contact will vary between families, typically consisting of sharing letters and pictures a couple times a year. Some families also agree upon a predetermined amount of telephone or face-to-face contact. Our domestic program is different from all of our other programs for this reason. Children of All Nations assists in preparing and unifying birth families and prospective adoptive families to create a positive and healthy adoption plan for a child.

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Children Available

The children available through Children of All Nations’ domestic program are primarily health infants, ranging in ethnicity and gender. These children are loved by their birth parents, and will usually maintain some ongoing contact with their birth family throughout their lives.

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Domestic Adoption Requirements

A unique feature of the domestic program is that the birth parent selects the family they deem as the best match for their child. This allows Children of All Nations to accept a broader range of applicants in this program.

Children of All Nations has developed minimum adoption eligibility requirements to adopt through our domestic program. If you feel you are not eligible to adopt from our domestic program or you are unsure, we may be able to work with you. Please contact us for a free case-by-case consultation regarding your private adoption.

  • Citizenship: One parent must be a US citizen.
  • Age: One adoptive parent must be under 50 years old.
  • Marriage status: Married couples are eligible to adopt if they have been married for at least two years. Single men and women are also eligible to adopt. Unmarried couples are eligible to adopt if they are able to prove a longstanding commitment to one another (individual states/courts determine if unmarried couples may adopt under both names).
  • Previous children: Families with three or less children under the age of 18 are eligible to adopt.
  • Income: Parents must make at least $10,000 annually per person in the household, including the future adopted child; for example, a married couple with no children living in the home, must earn at least $30,000 annually. If a single parent is adopting, they must earn the base amount of a two-parent household, earning at least $20,000 annually for themselves, and an additional $10,000 per child/other dependents.
  • Medical: If either parent is not in excellent health, acceptance to adopt through this program is on a case-by-case basis.
  • Criminal History: Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence or domestic violence, or any felony arrests are not eligible to adopt. Acceptance to adopt with a past criminal record will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Religion: Spiritual beliefs must not prevent your child from receiving medical treatment of any kind.

If you would like more information about our program, our specialized adoption consultants are standing by to help! To have your questions answered, call us today at (512)323-9595 or email us.

Adoption Timeline

Once your family has a completed and approved home study and has been approved by Children of All Nations, you will prepare a family profile which will be available for review by birth parents. You may be selected at any time; some people are selected in a week, others in a year or more. The average wait for prospective parents is 18 months.

If you would like more information about our program, our specialized adoption consultants are standing by to help! To have your questions answered, call us today at (512)323-9595 or email us.

Cost Overview

To give you a general understanding of adoption costs for domestic, the following list outlines fees paid directly to CAN, fees paid for in-country adoption development and legal processes through CAN, and fees paid for your Home Study and Post Adoption reports. All listed fees are a portion of your adoption costs and are subject to change without notice. Please request our Children of All Nations Outreach Guide for a full list of estimated costs for your entire domestic adoption.

Our adoption fees are among the lowest available. We strive to keep costs low so that we may help as many children as possible find their loving, forever family.

  • Online Application Fee $250
  • First Agency Fee $4,500
  • Second Agency Fee $4,500
  • Third Agency Fee $9,000
  • Home Study Fee $1,400
  • Birth Mother Expenses Escrow $2,500
  • Post Placement Visits (per visit; TX and Florida) $300
  • Legal Fees $2,300

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