Why CAN Loves Burundi

Each of our GWCA and CAN matching specialists have programs that they hold close to their hearts. For Shelby, one of our CAN matching specialists who works with several of our programs around the world, that program is Burundi. We have been overjoyed to see so much movement with this program lately, as several families have recently been matched with their kiddos and are preparing to travel to meet them. This blog will tell you a little bit about why Burundi holds a special place in Shelby’s heart. If you’re interested in learning if this program is right for your family, contact CAN today!

Being one of CAN’s international adoption counselors is by far one of the most rewarding and unique opportunities I’ve had the privilege to experience. Working with several different countries has truly opened my eyes to the differences in people and cultures all around the world. For almost a year and a half now, I’ve had the pleasure to work with many of our amazing in-country representatives to achieve our common goals of finding forever families for our kiddos.

Although I thoroughly enjoy working with all six of my countries, our Burundi program has always held a special place in my heart. Between our fantastic in-country staff, the simple and straight-forward adoption process, and the beautiful children, it’s no wonder Burundi has remained my favorite program since day one. Once families have submitted their paperwork to country, they can expect to receive a match within 1.5 years. As more and more Burundi orphanages begin to open up to the idea of international adoption, we anticipate the wait times to be matched will decrease. All of the children we have previously matched have been happy and healthy and are so eager to meet their forever families. There is an array of ages available, including very young kiddos under the age of 2 which is not commonly seen in the majority of the programs we work with.

I can honestly say that each one of our in-country staff members is willing to go above and beyond to help advocate and match the available kiddos. The passion and dedication they have for the children is phenomenal. Our representative is in constant communication with CAN as well as the Ministry in country, which makes it incredibly easy for us to get the most accurate and up-to-date information. If I can ever make my dream of visiting Africa into a reality, you can guarantee I will be visiting our rep to give him a huge hug for all of his hard work on behalf of the children!

I’m often asked about the safety of Americans traveling to country – it’s no secret that Burundi is a poverty-stricken country that continues to struggle on and off with political protests. The protesting has not affected the adoption process thus far and has not proved to be a huge impact to any family that has traveled to country. Additionally, our rep acts as a guide and translator throughout the entirety of a family’s visit; families will never find themselves alone while they are in Burundi. Although our family’s safety is CAN’s number one priority when traveling, I also think it’s crucial for families to experience firsthand the country and culture where their child was spent a portion of their childhood.

If you have longed to adopt a child from Africa, are curious to learn more about our Burundi program, or simply don’t know how or where to begin your adoption journey please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to talk your ear off about the ends and outs of the international adoption process.

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Ana Spotts

My goal as a promotion specialist for GWCA and CAN is to advocate for the Waiting Children in our international adoption programs to help them find loving Forever Families.


  • Maleny 11:58 pm - February 3, 2017

    I am a single woman 36 years old wanting to adopt

    • Ana Spotts 3:26 pm - February 6, 2017

      Hi Maleny, it’s so wonderful to hear that you’re looking into adoption! As of right now Burundi is not open to single applicants, however, we have several other wonderful programs which are! I would recommend looking into the following programs: China, Latvia, Bulgaria, Haiti and Poland. If you’re interested in learning more about these programs, our CAN matching specialists would be more than happy to speak with you. You can reach them at hilary@childrenofallnations.com.

  • Sara Pascal 1:51 am - February 6, 2017

    My husband and I sincerely hope to adopt a baby from Burundi, but we don’t know how to start. Our situation is a little unique in that my husband is Burundian. He came to the US as a refugee but now is a naturalized US citizen. By Burundian law, I’m technically also Burundian, as his wife, though I have never been there. We have a four year old son and very much wish to have a child (or a few children) join our family. We know that there are many, many orphaned children in Burundi and think that their birth parents may find some comfort in knowing they would be raised by someone who shares their culture and language. We are not a rich family financially, but we have more than enough love to share! We hope you might have advice for us on how to adopt from Burundi with a very modest income. Even if you can share the correct contact information for the authorities in Burundi that may be able to help, we’d greatly appreciate it! My husband can call in Kirundi. Thank you!

    • Ana Spotts 3:06 pm - February 6, 2017

      Hi Sara,

      Thank you so much for reaching out! I have passed your information along to our Burundi matching specialist, Shelby, who will be able to provide you with more information on what your options are. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Shelby at shelby@childrenofallnations.com. Thanks!

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