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My goal as a promotion specialist for GWCA and CAN is to advocate for the Waiting Children in our international adoption programs to help them find loving Forever Families.

Home from Haiti!

   Welcome Home!

We are DELIGHTED to announce that one of the families in CAN’S Haiti adoption program has just come home with their daughter! They’ve shared several photos of their first moments as a family on American soil, and their smiles say it all. After waiting for their referral, traveling for their bonding trip, and finalizing all of their adoption paperwork, they’ve all been anticipating this moment for a long time.

We’re so glad your Gotcha Day has finally come. Congratulations from all of us at Children of All Nations, and welcome home!

Haiti Adoption

This beautiful girl is the third kiddo that has recently come home through CAN’s Haiti adoption program, and we are expecting to receive the news that a few other lucky families will be traveling very soon! We have seen so much exciting movement with this program, and we are constantly amazed at the change that families are able to make in these children’s lives.

Children of All Nations’s Haiti adoption program has a limited number of available spots each year. We have been blown away by the number of families that have already stepped forward to begin their process to adopt a child or sibling group, and we are excited to announce that all of the spots in our “Healthy Track” program for 2017 have all already been filled! With that said, however, there are still a couple of ways that families can begin their Haiti adoption process right away:

  • Haiti Waiting Child AdoptionIf you’re open to adopting an older child, a child with needs, or a sibling group of two or more kids, the Haiti Waiting Child adoption program could be the right fit for you! There are still a few spots remaining in this program for 2017 – if you are open to adopting a Waiting Child or sibling group please contact CAN today for more information!
  • Haiti Healthy Track 2018If you feel that a younger, medically healthy child would be the best fit for your family, you can still get started today! Families in the Healthy Track adoption program have to submit their dossiers to Haiti by a certain date. You can start your adoption process today to claim your spot in the 2018 Healthy Track program and get a jump start on the paperwork to meet your deadline!

For more information on CAN’s Haiti adoption program, contact our adoption specialists today!

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3 Reasons to Adopt a Waiting Child!


CAN’s Waiting Child adoption programs help find homes for children in need who are considered more difficult to place based on their age range, their special needs, or the fact that they’re part of a sibling group. Here are three reasons why your family may want to consider adopting a Waiting Child:

1. Matching
While families in most traditional adoption programs simply receive a referral once they’ve been matched, many Waiting Child adoption programs offer you the chance to play a role in finding your child. Visit CAN’s Waiting Child photo listing today to see who you could be matched with!

2. Fast Process
In many cases, the overall process from start to finish is much quicker for Waiting Child adoptions than traditional “Healthy Track” adoptions.

3. Make a Difference
Most of the children in Waiting Child adoption programs have been holding on to hope for years that their Forever Family will find them. The children in these programs often have the greatest need, however, they’re overlooked due to their age or their medical needs. YOU have the ability to make a difference in their lives!

Visit our our photo listing or contact Children of All Nations to learn more about the Waiting Children that we’re currently advocating for.

Learn more about CAN’s Waiting Child adoption programs:
Bulgaria | Burundi | Dominican Republic | China | Latvia | Haiti

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Adoption Tax Credit

For many families, the cost associated with adopting a child or sibling group can be very discouraging. Even for families with the best of intentions and the purest of hearts, a lack of finances can mean the difference between providing a orphan with a loving home and turning a reluctant cheek to the overwhelming need. The Adoption Tax Credit has done so much to bridge this gap, and for that we are forever grateful!

With Tax Day quickly approaching and the issue of tax reform up for discussion, the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group has launched a “Thank You” campaign to remind members of Congress about the importance of the Adoption Tax Credit and the change it has brought to countless families. Click the link below to add your voice to their campaign to help get their message across!

“Did the Adoption Tax Credit help you build your family? Use our form to send a thank you letter to your Members of Congress for supporting the ATC!: https://secure2.convio.net/res/site/Advocacy…



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Why CAN Loves Latvia!

CAN’s international adoption counselors love playing a role in helping families bring their children home, from helping them find the right adoption program to sharing updates on matches and referrals. Our adoption counselors are passionate about the programs that they work with, and are prepared to answer any questions that families may have about the adoption process and the children who are in need of families. If you’re interested in speaking with one of our adoption specialists, contact us today!

Here’s what one of our CAN adoption specialists, Shelby, has to say about our Latvia adoption program!

My role as an international adoption counselor requires me to wear a variety of hats. One of my favorite and most commonly worn hats is that of assisting families new to the adoption process in finding the country that fits their adoption desires. Often times I see that families are drawn to the countries that have the youngest or healthiest kiddos because that is what best suits their family’s dynamics. However, my heart leaps each time a family inquires about an older child with special needs!

Older children generally have a better understanding of what adoption entails and often talk to our in-country representatives about their desire to find their forever family in the United States. Many of the older children have watched their friends in the foster homes and orphanages find families, and begin to lose hope that they will ever find a family of their own.

One of our Eastern European counties, Latvia, focuses on finding forever families for these amazing kiddos. We see a wide array of special needs in this program, ranging from very minor to more moderate or severe. In fact, some of the things that Latvia considers a minor medical need are things that we see commonly in in the United States: allergies, asthma, glasses/contacts, speech impairments, etc. For this reason, we always encourage families to gain a better understanding of what each need is before ruling out the idea of adopting a child with special needs.

The Latvia adoption journey is unique in many ways. Not only does this program offer one of the quickest waiting times to be matched (6-18 months), families are also able to travel almost immediately after receiving their child’s referral. The first travel trip requires a 4 week stay in country and allows the family to bond  with their child in an environment that they’re familiar with. Once the 4 week period comes to an end, the family has the opportunity to bring their kiddo back to the US to live with them until the second trip occurs, which is typically 2-4 months later. There are currently no other countries which allow adoptive families to remain with their child in between the travel trips! This program also offers the unique opportunity for families to be soft matched with a waiting child before submitting their dossier paperwork. Essentially this could cut out the majority of your 6-18 month wait time!

If you are interested in learning more about our Latvia adoption program or the special needs that we typically see, I would love to set up a time to speak with you! I can be reached at (512)323-9595 or at info@childrenofallnations.com. Together we can work to provide these incredible kiddos with the loving families they deserve!


– Learn more about adopting from Latvia
– Contact a Latvia adoption specialist
– Visit the CAN Waiting Child photo listing

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8 New Kids Added Today!

Our CAN adoption specialists recently received new files for children in our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program, and EIGHT of these kids have just been added to the CAN photo listing! One of the most appealing aspects of our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program is that families are able to be matched with a child or sibling group right away. That means even if you haven’t started your adoption journey you can request to be matched with one of our new kiddos!

Visit our CAN photo listing or contact our matching specialists to view a child’s file!

Meet our newest kids:

– Andy – 13 year old boy
– Sibling group of 3 – Tessa (11), Michaela (14) and Ian (15)
– Sibling group of 4 – Scott (6), Katie (8), Ben (11) and Andrew (12)

Some of the other incredible kids we’re advocating for:

– Twin Brother – Ivan and Spencer (12 years old)
– Kale – 14 year old boy
– Devin – 8 year old boy
– Reagan – 11 year old boy
– Maxwell – 6 year old boy

If you’re interested in learning more about our Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program, visit the CAN website or contact an adoption specialist today!

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Two Kids Home from Haiti!


Welcome Home!

What better way to start off the week than to announce that TWO kids in our Haiti adoption program have just joined their Forever Families!

These incredible families have been waiting for this moment since the day they received their referrals. While they’ve since been able to visit their boys for their bonding trips, they’ve finally reached the moment when they’ll never have to say goodbye again. Their journey up to this point has been absolutely amazing, and our Haiti adoption specialist, Hilary, has loved working with them to help bring their kiddos home. Congratulations from all of us at Children of All Nations, and welcome home!

Visit Hilary’s blog to see her latest post about these kiddos coming home! 

About Haiti Adoption

CAN’s Haiti adoption program has both a “Healthy Track” and a Waiting Child adoption program, making it a great fit for families with various adoption desires. There are countless reasons why our families love this program, from the close proximity to the United States to the ties to past mission trips. If you’re interested in learning how you can begin your Haiti adoption journey, contact CAN today!

Learn more about CAN’s Haiti adoption program
– Contact an adoption specialist

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“Kale” Is Holding on to Hope!

Did you know?
Families in CAN’s Bulgaria Waiting Child adoption program can be matched with a child or sibling group at any point in the process! Visit the CAN photo listing or contact our Bulgaria adoption specialists today to learn more!

Kale is a handsome and outgoing boy who will  be turning 14 years old this month. When he spoke to our in-country representatives, he said he knows it’s unlikely that he’ll find a Forever Family due to his age, but he’s still holding on to hope.

Kale said he has always wanted to be adopted by a family in the United States so that he can begin a new life with the love and support of a family. Throughout the years, he has watched his friends in the group home find their families, and he wants so desperately for him to find a family of his own. When our rep began asking him questions, he was reluctant to speak up because he was worried that his answers would be different than the kids’ who had previously been adopted.

Based on everything we’ve heard from our Bulgaria reps, Kale is an incredibly sweet, happy and kindhearted boy who wants nothing more than to have a family and a feeling of belonging. He has normal physical and psychological development, a good sense of self-esteem, and he’s always happy to help out around the group home.

If you are interested in learning more about Kale or if you would like to see his medical file, photos and videos, please visit our CAN photo listing or contact our CAN matching specialists today!


– Learn more about CAN’s Bulgaria adoption program
– Visit the Waiting Child photo listing to request Kale’s file
– Contact an adoption specialist

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Emma is Waiting

Meet Emma!

We are currently advocating for an incredible girl in our Haiti Waiting Child adoption program who recently turned 6 years old. For advocacy purposes we’re calling her “Emma,” but around her creche she’s known as “Ti Manmi” or “Little Mommy” because she loves helping out with the younger kiddos.

Emma has been diagnosed with HIV, and is in need of a family who will be able to provide her with the medical treatment and love that she so deserves. She was brought to the creche when she was just one and a half years old, and has been waiting ever since.

Emma’s caretakers describe her as being a sweet girl who is full of energy and who absolutely loves blowing kisses to those around her! She’s starting to grow out of nap time, so often times she will play quietly while her friends sleep. Her caretakers are so very proud of how well she’s able to listen and obey when they speak to her.

Emma loves to play outside, write, and color. She is an active girl who enjoys being the center of attention. We truly think that Emma will thrive with the love and support of a family.

Please Note – Much of Emma’s paperwork in Haiti has already been completed, so any family that would like to be matched with her will need to move very quickly to get their dossier submitted! If you’re interested in learning how you can be matched with Emma, contact our Haiti matching specialist at hilary@childrenofallnations.com today!

What is HIV?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus which attacks certain cells in the immune system making it difficult for the body to fight infections. In its most advanced stages, HIV can become AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), however, just because someone has been diagnosed with HIV does not mean that they have AIDS. With modern medicine there are certain treatments which can now help to prevent the virus from progressing.

How is HIV spread?

HIV is spread by coming in contact with certain bodily fluids from a person infected with HIV. In the case of many Waiting Children who have been diagnosed with HIV, the infection is transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy and childbirth.

Will adopting a child with HIV put my family at risk?

Many studies have shown that HIV is not spread through common household activities. For example, you cannot get HIV by sharing food or drinks, using the same bed or toilet, changing diapers, hugging, kissing, bathing or swimming with someone who has HIV.

The following “bodily fluids” are NOT infectious:

Saliva, tears, sweat, feces or urine.

If you’re interested in learning more about Emma or any of the other kids in our Haiti Waiting Child adoption program, contact Children of All Nations!

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3 Reasons to Start Your Latvia Adoption Process

Many of the families in our Latvia adoption program choose to participate in our Orphan Hosting program to get a general idea of what the process is like. It’s a great way to connect with Latvia and get a sense of what the adoption process ahead could hold while giving a child the chance to see what the world outside of Latvia has to offer!

Below are three reasons why you should consider getting started with your adoption process right away, rather than waiting until after the hosting program:

1. The Kids are AMAZING

The kids in Latvia come from various backgrounds but the one thing they have in common is that they are all AMAZING! The kids in adoption range from 9-15 years old. Most don’t have any medical concerns. They come from rough pasts and need someone to give them the chance they deserve. No child deserves to not have a family. Many of the children have some concept of English if they aren’t already fluent! They are charming, sweet, and so ready to see what America is all about!

2. Matching

In the Latvia adoption process, once a family’s dossier has been submitted they are put in line to receive their referral. If your family begins the adoption process prior to hosting, and you do not move forward with the adoption of your host child, you will have the option to receive a referral through the traditional Latvia adoption program.

3.One Step Closer to Bringing Your Child Home! 

With Latvia Hosting, it is common for families to re-host their child if they are hoping to pursue their adoption. Depending on the length of time that it takes a family to complete their adoption, they may end up re-hosting multiple times. If your family is prepared to begin the Latvia adoption process, we encourage you to get started right away so that you can complete the process and bring your child home as soon as possible!

If your family would like more information on our Latvia adoption program, contact our CAN adoption specialists today!

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